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Botswana Safari Holiday

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If you are thinking about an amazing vacation in Africa, consider a Botswana safari holiday.

Botswana - Perfect Country for Safari Adventures

Botswana's Chobe National Park is home to Africa's largest concentration of elephants.
Elephants in Botswana's Chobe National Park

The wildlife and landscape in Botswana are truly awe inspiring.

Watching a wildlife safari on The Discovery Channel or on National Geographic is one thing; but seeing it with your own eyes, smelling the aroma and hearing the sounds in person, is the ultimate travel experience.

Although there are many countries in Africa where you can go on safari and take wildlife tours, Botswana is less overrun by tourists and gives a person much more freedom to explore on their own.

If you're looking for the ultimate in adventure, I recommend a safari holiday in Botswana, you will love it.

Botswana Hotels

Tourism is one of Botswana's main economic industries and the government has been working to improve services.

Quality hotel chains now have offerings in Botswana so that only the safari needs to be long, hot and dusty while accommodations can be clean and comfortable.

Many Botswana hotels have been built into the natural surroundings, to bring the wildlife and scenery close adding to your holiday experience.

Exploring Botswana Safari Locations

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta, in Botswana, is the largest inland delta in the world.

The area's waterways pass through the Kalahari Desert, without flowing into the sea, and irrigate the richly growing land; creating a mosaic of palm islands.

These islands are overgrown with lush grass and a variety of flora.

While touring the Okavango Delta you might stumble upon any number of exotic birds and mammals, including elephant, buffalo, and giraffe; offering spectacular photo opportunities.

Moremi Game Reserve

The Moremi Game Reserve is regarded as one of the most beautiful on the entire African continent.

Located in the heart of the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve bears the name of Chief Moremi of the BaTawana tribe.

At the Moremi Reserve you can get up close and personal with a huge variety of wildlife.

Xakanaxa Lagoon

The Xakanaxa Lagoon is right in the heart of Moremi and is known for its large herds of antelope, along with wild dogs and leopard.

There is lodging available right on the lagoon, for added interest and excitement.

You can choose to camp according to your luxury expectations and your budget. There are several different private camps set-up along the edge of Xakanaxa.

Chief's Safari Camp and Camp Moremi are integrated into the landscape in such a fashion that you can stay within the safety of the camp, while still observing wild game in action.

Botswana Desert

If you go to Botswana during animal migration season - between March and May - you can hire a 4�4 and take it into the desert, for some real safari sightseeing.

Hyena, jackal, antelope, lion, snakes and countless species of birds and reptiles live in the desert; offering something to see any time of the year.

There is no lodging in the desert, so you would be wilderness camping and sleeping underneath the stars. This can be amazing fun but very dangerous.

Do not underestimate the desert. Use caution when you go off the beaten path, make sure you have sufficient supplies and preferably travel with a knowledgeable guide from the area.

Safari in Botswana on the Cheap

Adventure travel packages are not the cheapest of holidays - often costing $4,500 or more.

This is the way to go for some people, especially if your pockets are deep. However, if you don't like spending money there are less expensive ways to experience the thrill of a safari in Botswana.

For a cheap Botswana safari holiday, book nothing but the flight to Botswana. Then rent your 4�4 when you arrive.

Do some research before you travel to Botswana, so that you know where to go on arrival.

It will be more adventurous than having everything prearranged, although maybe a little more stressful if you are someone who likes to know everything is taken care of.

You have more freedom to roam and enjoy the sights, since you're not stuck with someone else's schedule.

It's easy to stay at a camp in Botswana and arrangements can be made on the spot, in person.

If you travel this way, you'll get your Botswana Safari trip for much less money; saving about 50% of an otherwise high cost adventure.

5-Day Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park Fly-In Tour
Combine Botswana With Victoria Falls

Botswana Safari From South Africa:
Fly from Johannesburg to witness the immense power and beauty of Victoria Falls, then continue to Botswana's Chobe National Park; for some of the best game viewing in Southern Africa.

By Mark Marek.

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