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Find available car hire with discount rates and save money when you book your rental car online.

Some Car Hire Companies only operate in certain countries.

1800-RentalCars - Car Hire Tips

While comparing the biggest car rental brands may save you money, it pays to check the smaller, local car-hire firms too.

Find a Rental Car Company
Car Hire Companies.

Things to Consider When Booking Car Rentals Online

As with finding the best hotel deal online, the cheapest car hire quote may not always be the best car hire deal for you.

Popular travel destinations often have the greatest options for securing the best car rental deals around, but not everyone travels to the popular destinations.

While the price of a car rental is important, it pays to think about what you want from your hire car.

Type of Rental Car

How many passengers and how much luggage will you need to fit in your hire car?

If you're travelling with children, you may need a bigger rental car with five doors.

If you're out to impress, you may want a luxury, or sports car.

Smaller cars are not always cheaper to hire than larger cars but they are often more economical.

Most modern rental cars will have air-conditioning but it's worth checking this is included if you're looking to hire a car in the hot summer months.

Likewise in winter, be sure the car comes with winter tyres and that the washer bottle is full.

Rental Car Pricing

Are you hiring a car on a fixed daily rate or is there a kilometre surcharge?

Sometimes hiring a car for seven days may be cheaper than six, while turning up late can add an extra day to the rental charge.

Be sure to read the small print and return the car with a full tank of petrol, or diesel, if the rental car company delivers the car with a full tank and expects it to be returned the same.

And be sure to put the right fuel in when you fill up.

Taxes and Surcharges

Like the price of cheap flight tickets, some car hire firms jack up their ceap rental price with add-on taxes and surcharges.

Some companies charge for a full tank of fuel before you set off, at their prices, but don't give a refund if you bring the car back with half a tank.

There may also be an added charge for car insurance, although your own insurance policy may cover you for hire cars as well.

Rental Car Network

Cars do break down, so if you're travelling across country it does help iy your rental car company has a number of offices on your route, in case you need a replacement hire car in a hurry.

Check The Car - Before and After

Be sure to check your rental car at pickup for any existing damage to the car and use your smart phone or digital camera to record the car's condition.

When you return the car, be sure to check the vehicle thoroughly for any small possessions that might have slipped down beside the seat or left behind in the glove compartment.

Driving Abroad

Be sure you've read up on the rules of the road in the country you're travelling to; make sure you have your driving licence with you; and check to see if you need an International Driving Permit as well.

Many countries now require headlights to be on, even in daylight and are very strict on drink driving and speeding through villages.

Fuel is more expensive on motorways and often cheaper at large supermarkets outside the major towns.

You may also want to bring your own maps and sat nav. Just don't forget to take them home with you.

Destinations - Driving Distances in Europe - US Driving Distance Calculator.

Aruba Rental Cars.

Car Hire Comparison Websites

Holiday Autos:
Claims to be the world’s leading car hire comparison website, offering car hire in more than 30,000 locations worldwide, from over 1,200 suppliers.

Find a Rental Car Company Car Hire Companies - Compare Car Rental Prices.

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