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Easter Sunday falls on 'the first Sunday after the Full Moon on, or after, the March Equinox'; or anywhere from March 22 to April 25.

Determining the date of Easter by astronomical algorithms can prove rather complex and the Eastern Orthodox churches decided not to follow the same formula.

Easter Sundays - 2023 to 2045

2023 - 9th April.
2024 - 31st March.
2025 - 20th April.
2026 - 5th April.
2027 - 28th March.
2028 - 16th April.
2029 - 1st April.
2030 - 21st April.
2031 - 13th April.
2032 - 28th March.
2033 - 17th April.
2034 - 9th April.
2035 - 25th March.
2036 - 13th April.
2037 - 5th April.
2038 - 25th April.
2039 - 10th April.
2040 - 1st April.
2041 - 21st April.
2042 - 6th April.
2043 - 29th March.
2044 - 17th April.
2045 - 9th April.

While Palm Sunday is the week before Easter Sunday, Good Friday is the day that interests Christian pilgrims around the world.

From Israel and Rome, to the Americas and Asia, it is the last journey of Jesus that is re-enacted.

The Stations of the Cross

1. Jesus is condemned.

2. Jesus carries his cross.

3. Jesus falls.

4. Jesus meets his mother.

5. Simon helps Jesus.

6. Veronica helps Jesus.

7. Jesus falls again.

8. Jesus consoles the women.

9. The third fall.

10. Jesus is stripped.

11. Jesus is crucified.

12. Jesus dies.

13. Jesus is taken down.

14. Jesus is buried.

By Michel.

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