Changing Money

Nomadic Gatherings by Michel Guntern

Waiting by rawkkim on Unsplash.

Chapter Two: Kimchi and Gold Medals - Changing Money.

"Where he go?" the oldest of the three asked.

"To change some money," I said.

"You pay!" she wasn't so friendly now.

"I will, when he gets back," I said.

She wanted the money then, but I said that I had none and that only Dave had the money.

Two of the girls chased after him.

When he returned, with change of ten thousand and two girls hanging on to him, I put seven thousand in my pocket and handed over the initially agreed upon three.

The girls shouted and tried to pull us back, but we walked out and on.

Nomadic Gatherings
Nomadic Gatherings - by Michel Guntern.

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