Kimpo International Airport

Nomadic Gatherings by Michel Guntern

At The Airport
At The Airport by Erik Odiin on Unsplash.

Chapter Two: Kimchi and Gold Medals - Kimpo International Airport.

At Kimpo International airport everybody had a destination.

The departure board flicked the flights away, new ones climbed the ladder towards boarding; my destination was Taipei.

Great Britain lost to South Korea's women in the Olympic hockey, to the delight of the majority of passengers watching the screen in the departure lounge.

Some of the Koreans sat on the floor, but most of them watched standing in a semi-circle with one eye on the flight situation.

Three security guards stood with their guns slung over their shoulders; the Games had so far gone off peacefully without any threats from the North or other outside sources occurring.

But surveillance and bag-checks continued.

Nomadic Gatherings
Nomadic Gatherings - by Michel Guntern.

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