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It has been said that television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well done.

The humble telly doesn't sound so entertaining when it's defined as a system that converts both audio and visual information into corresponding electrical signals which are then transmitted through wires or by radio waves to a receiver which reproduces the original information.

Television Links

Cartoon Network:
Tons of games featuring the world's biggest cartoon stars, plus television's largest online trading community, video clips and schedule information.

Traditionally referred to as the 'Tiffany network' among major television broadcasting systems, CBS has been likened to Wal-Mart in recent years.

News around the clock, from all around the world.

Comedy Central:
Once a small cable network that few people watched, Comedy Central is now having the last laugh with its popular South Park and The Colbert Report climbing the rankings .

Home Box Office airs theatrically released feature films, proprietary original full-length television movies, and various original series.

The ultimate destination for music and pop culture with the latest music videos, band info and entertainment news.

NBC's quality programs and balanced line-up have earned the network critical acclaim, numerous awards, and ratings success.

PBS's evening schedule emphasises fine arts, drama, science, public affairs and independent films. Find out what's on your local PBS station by entering your zipcode.

Rock on TV:
Music programming for over 100 networks.

Sci-Fi Channel:
Specialises in science fiction, fantasy, horror and paranormal programming.

The Emmy Awards:
The Television Academy's founding fathers recognised the image-building and public-relations opportunities associated with an annual awards ceremony.

The History Channel:
Owned by A&E Television Networks, The History Channel presents programming related to historical events and persons, often with observations and explanations by noted historians.

Primetime shows based on exciting, real-life stories.

The DIRECTV Receiver with UltimateTV service from Microsoft combines the power of digital video recording with DIRECTV programming.

US TV Guide:
Enter your Zip Code to get localised listings.

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