Eclipses have captured attention and sparked curiosity about the cosmos since the first appearance of humankind.

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Eclipse 99:
On Wednesday, August 11th 1999, a total eclipse of the Sun was visible from within a narrow corridor which traversed the Eastern Hemisphere.

About Eclipses
More about solar and lunar eclipses.

Eclipse Chasing
Some people make a habit of travelling around the world to see the moon's shadow.

Eclipse Path
Where the total solar eclipse travelled on August 11th, 1999.

Past Eclipses
A look back at the effect of total solar eclipses on people and places in the past.

Future Eclipses
After reading through the eclipse pages @ Travel Notes, you may want to know where to plan your next eclipse experience.

Further Reading

Eclipses have captured attention and sparked curiosity about the cosmos since the first appearance of humankind.

TOTALITY: Eclipses of the Sun:
Ken Willcox witnessed his first total eclipse of the Sun in 1979. That event inspired him to collaborate with Mark Littmann on a comprehensive guide to eclipses.

Totality - Eclipses of the Sun serves as an invaluable resource for eclipse watchers and students of astronomy.

Among the most dedicated of eclipse chasers, Ken Willcox organized and led five major expeditions to total solar eclipses in Hawaii (1991), Bolivia (1994), India (1995), Mongolia (1997), and Aruba (1998).

Ken lost his eleven year fight against cancer on February 26th, 1999 -- exactly one year after the great Caribbean total eclipse of the Sun.

The new edition of Totality that has been updated, with the help of Fred Espenak, to include current information on the August 1999 eclipse, as well as information on other major eclipses of the forthcoming decade.

Cambridge Eclipse Photography Guide:
How and where to observe and photograph eclipses -- A comprehensive guide to everything a viewer must know to observe and photograph solar and lunar eclipses.

Sun, Moon and Earth:
This book reveals the poetic cosmology that lies within the cycles of the Sun and Moon as seen from the Earth.

The what, where, when, why and how guide to solar and lunar eclipse watching. All the down-to-earth information you need to capture and appreciate these heavenly phenomena. No other guide provides such depth of coverage, including an extensive section on how to best photograph or video an eclipse.

Total Eclipses of the Sun:
Eclipses have captured attention and sparked curiosity about the cosmos since the first appearance of humankind. Having been blamed for everything from natural disasters to the fall of kings, they are now invaluable tools for understanding many celestial as well as terrestrial phenomena.

Travel Notes' 1999 Eclipse Report:
Total solar eclipse from Lake Balaton on August 11th, 1999.

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