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A society is a group of human beings distinguishable from other groups by mutual interests, characteristic relationships, shared institutions and a common culture.

Society Links

American Civil Liberties Union:
The ACLU work daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Amnesty International:
A world-wide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognised human rights.

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Electronic Frontier Foundation:
When our freedoms in the networked world come under attack, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line of defence.

Electronic Privacy Information Center:
Focuses public attention on emerging civil liberties, privacy, First Amendment issues and works to promote the Public Voice in decisions concerning the future of the Internet.

Greenpeace International:
As a global organisation, Greenpeace focuses on the most crucial world-wide threats to our planet's biodiversity and environment.

International Red Cross:
Protects the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and provides them with assistance. Also directs and co-ordinates the international relief activities in situations of conflict.

One World:
Civil society network online, supporting people's media to help build a more just global society.

Rainforest Action Network:
Since it was founded in 1985, the Rainforest Action Network has been working to protect rainforests and the human rights of those living in and around those forests.

Sierra Club:
America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organisation.

The Atlantic Online:
At a time when sound bites and headline summaries have become the normal news digest for so many Americans, The Atlantic takes the time to explore the biggest issues and the smallest pleasures.

The Earth Times:
News reports and latest information relating to the human environment and such interrelated concerns of the international community, such as economic growth, humanitarian issues, the environment and global business.

The Pulitzer Prizes:
In the latter years of the 19th century, Joseph Pulitzer stood out as the very embodiment of American journalism. Pulitzer winners receive their prizes from the president of Columbia University, in late May.

The World Bank:
The World Bank Group offers loans, advice and an array of customised resources to more than 100 developing countries and countries in transition.

Union of Concerned Scientists:
The Union of Concerned Scientists is a non-profit partnership of scientists and citizens combining rigorous scientific analysis, innovative policy development, and effective citizen advocacy to achieve practical environmental solutions.

United Nations:
In 1945, representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organisation to draw up the United Nations Charter. United Nations Day is celebrated on October 24th.

World Wildlife Fund:
As the world's leading conservation organization, World Wildlife Fund works in nearly 100 countries to tackle the most pressing issues at the intersection of nature, people, and climate.

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