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If you intend to use the airline network in Iran, you are advised to book well in advance as popular routes from Tehran to Mashhad, Ahwaz, Esfahan, or Shiraz can be full for weeks ahead.

You can of course travel by rail or bus.

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Travel in Iran

Travelling Around Iran

Although trains are much cheaper it's quicker to go by bus, especially as there’s a large number of private companies operating express services between the major cities and regions around Iran.

Iran Air:
The airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran has sales offices in Abu Dhabi, Almaty, Amsterdam, Ankara, Athens, Bahrain, Baku, Beijing, Beirut, Berlin, Cologne, Copenhagen, Damascus, Dhaka, Doha, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Istanbul, Jeddah, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, London, Madrid, Moscow, Mumbai, Muscat, Nicosia, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Sharjah, Stockholm, Tashkent, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver and Vienna.

TRCO - Iran Tourist

The Tourism and Recreational Centres Organisation (TRCO) is the largest tourism organisation in Iran and welcomes thousands of tourists from around the world. Includes more than 23 hotels and many agencies, all over Iran.

Iranian Embassies

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran: (UK)
16 Prince's Gate, London SW7 1PT.

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada:
245 Metcalfe St, Ottawa.

Iranian Cites:
Find out more about the places to visit in Iran.

Iran Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Iran (Country Guide) A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind Iran rkh r/v (r) wp GPS

Iran Travel Guide - Iran Maps.

Iran Travel Notes

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