Pilgrimage to Nikko - Sacred Places in Japan

Nomadic Gatherings by Michel Guntern

Japan Pilgrimage
Japan Pilgrimage by Su San Lee on Unsplash.

Chapter One: Taking Off - Pilgrimage to Nikko.

My pilgrimage to Nikko was shrouded in mist.

From the Sacred Bridge a carefully constructed stone path cut its way up the hillside, bordered by a forest of towering Cryptomeria cedars.

The Toshogu Shrine, a mausoleum for Tokugawa Iegasu and his grandson Iemitsu, who orchestrated the original, is a baroque splendour that greatly impressed me.

As the tourists cleared away for the evening, man's solitary insignificance in such natural surroundings is apparent:

Tall trees and wide spaces; Hovering mist, drizzle on faces; Movement stills.... In meditational places.

Nomadic Gatherings
Nomadic Gatherings - by Michel Guntern.

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