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Central Prague, Exploring Prague, Hradcany, Nov� Mesto, Rome of The North, Star� Mesto.

About Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital city of the relatively small Czech Republic which lies in the heart of Europe; bordering Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.

Prague (Praha) has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. No other European capital contains six hundred years of architecture so completely untouched by natural disaster or war. Prague's rich collection of Gothic, baroque, and Renaissance buildings has emerged unscathed from centuries of strife.

Rome of The North

Prague has been called the 'Rome of the North'. Rome was built on seven hills, and Prague was built on nine hills: Letna, Vitkov, Opys, Vetrov, Skalka, Emauzy, Vysehrad, Karlov and the highest of all, Petrin. The mountains, forests and lakes surrounding Prague are enchanting and ideal for outdoor holidays as well as winter sports.

Central Prague

Central Prague is made up of four towns, joined together in 1784.

The River Vltava (Moldau in German) divides the capital into two unequal halves: on the steeply inclined left bank, are Hradcany and Mal� Strana (the Lesser Quarter).

The more gentle, sprawling right bank includes Star� Mesto, Josefov and Nov� Mesto.


Hradcany, on the hill, contains the most sights for visitors to Prague: the castle itself, the cathedral and the former palaces of the aristocracy.

Below Hradcany, Mal� Strana (Little Quarter), with its narrow eighteenth-century streets, is the city's ministerial and diplomatic quarter, with attractive Baroque gardens for all to enjoy.

Star� Mesto

Over the river, on the right bank, Star� Mesto (Old Town) is a web of alleys and passageways centred on the city's most beautiful square, Staromestsk� n�mesti.

Enclosed within the boundaries of Star� Mesto is Josefov, the old Jewish quarter; now containing only a few synagogues and a cemetery.

Nov� Mesto

Nov� Mesto (New Town) is the focus of the modern city and covers the largest area, laid out in long wide boulevards; the most famous of which is Wenceslas Square. These boulevards stretch south and east of the old town.

In the years since students took to the streets and the communist regime ended, Prague has enjoyed an unparalleled cultural renaissance.

Amid Prague's cobblestone streets and gold-tipped spires, new galleries, caf�s, and clubs serve the expatriates well; as Prague earns the title of Eastern Europe's new Left Bank.

Exploring Prague:
Prague Castle has stood on the hill overlooking the Old Town since the 10th century; with the city growing up around the castle, over the centuries.



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