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Art in Australia

This gateway to the Australian Arts aims to point you to arts groups around Australia.

Australia Council For The Arts:
The Australia Council's primary responsibility is to help create an environment which encourages the creativity and development of Australian artists, and which provides greater access to arts and cultural activities for all Australians.

Australia's Cultural Network:
Find over 2,000 websites and 850,000 pages about Australia's culture and recreation.

Australian Libraries Gateway:
Find a library in Australia using the National Library of Australia's central resource.

Australian Museums and Galleries Online:
Guide to Australian Museums and Galleries. Search by state or museum type, although if you choose museum type you'll have to then select the appropriate state.

Currency Press:
Australia's leading independent publisher of the performing arts invite you to explore their theatre, music, film and television catalogues; which are regularly updated with new releases. This site also houses a collection of educational resources, including study notes for plays, and speeches.

Institute of the Arts Resource Centre:
Guide to published and electronic resources in music and the visual arts with a focus on Australia.

State of the Arts:
Online companion to the State of the Arts magazine -- a guide to the visual and performing arts.

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Covers both Aboriginal art and that of European Australians, providing a revealing examination of the interaction between the two.
Australian Art


1800-Countries: 1800-Australia: Map of Australia: Art in Australia -- Add URL

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