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Vilondo Bali Blog

Vilondo Bali Blog

Travel tips and guide to travelling in Bali - the Island of the Gods.
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Recent News

  • Large villas in Bali ? perfect for larger groups and events.
    Over the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in people looking for large villas in Bali and our Bali-based staff has scoured the island for villas suitable for large groups. Below we have listed 10 of the most popular large villas on the islands, but we do have more than 150 villas with a minimum of five bedrooms available. You can have a look at them all here. Massilia Complex, 3-10 bedrooms in Seminyak. Located in the heart of popular Seminyak, the Shalimar complex is probably the most popular of all our large villas. The complex consists of a 4-bedroom villa and two 3-bedroom villas. Complete with a friendly staff, Villa Massilia is one of the best options for groups wanting to enjoy everything Seminyak has on offer. View and rent Villa Massilia Abaca Villas, 3-14 bedrooms in Seminyak The recently build Abaca Villas consist of 4 villas (two 5-bedroom villas, one 3-bedroom villa, and a 1-bedroom villa) that are divided by sliding doors that can be opened to create a grand 14 bedroom complex or numerous combinations of the four villas. The Abaca Villas are located in a quiet area of Seminyak, yet close to the beach, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. In fact, two of Seminyak?s top restaurants are just a short stroll away from the villas. View and rent Abaca Complex Pantai Lima Villas, 5-26 bedrooms in Canggu The Pantai Lima Estate consists of five unique villas, all with stunning beach views. The villas can be rented individually, in combination or as a grand 26-bedroom estate. Within the grounds, you will find a small gym, a tennis court, and a seminar room. The villas are surrounded by rice fields and the sea in a tranquil location north of Canggu. View and rent Pantai Lima The Sanctuary, up to 10 bedrooms in Canggu The Sanctuary has 10 bedrooms spread throughout a lush, green, park-like garden. Two of the bedrooms are bunk bedrooms with 5 bunk beds each making The Sanctuary ideal for family gatherings as it easily sleeps 16 adults and 20 children. A staff of 27, including several villa managers, chefs, drivers and butlers, will make sure your every need is taken care of. View and rent The Sanctuary Kalimaya Villas, 2-12 bedrooms in Seminyak If you­ are a large group looking to live the sweet life of Seminyak in luxurious surroundings, the Kalimaya Villas is an excellent choice. The villas are set within lush tropical gardens in the heart of Seminyak, just a short stroll away from some of the town?s best restaurants, beaches, clubs, and boutiques. By combining the four villas, ranging from two to five bedrooms, the Kalimaya Villas can be rented as a complex with any number of bedrooms between 2 and 12. View and rent Kalimaya Complex Canggu Terrace, 2-8 bedrooms in Canggu These three beautiful villas are located in rural Canggu and each of them comes with views of tranquil rice fields. Doorways connect the gardens and pool areas of the three villas. Each of the three swimming pools has a shallow pool where the youngest members of your group can splash. The villas are fully staffed and a car and driver can be added for a very reasonable price. The beach is just a 5-minute drive away and vibrant Seminyak can be reached in around 15 minutes. View and rent Canggu Terrace Saba Villas, 1-9 bedrooms near Seminyak The four 2-bedroom and single 1-bedroom villa that make up the Saba Villas are just 10 minutes away from the heart of Seminyak, yet set in a tranquil location surrounded by rice fields. Large sliding doors can easily turn the five individual villas into an intimate villa complex for groups needing up to 9 bedrooms. Included in the rent of the Saba Villas is a grand staff and access to the nearby Canggu Club where you will find numerous sporting facilities and activities for children. View and rent Saba Villas Shalimar Complex, 2-12 bedrooms in Canggu Renting the three villas (6, 4, and 2 bedrooms) grants you access to a 150-meter wide strip of manicured lawns leading straight down to the beach, three swimming pools overlooking the ocean and 12 beautiful bedrooms. With a professional staff that includes two chefs and peaceful surroundings, the Shalimar is the ideal place to get away from it all and spend quality time with friends or families. View and rent Shalimar villas Villa Batujimbar, 8 bedrooms in Sanur This grand estate comes with a rich history. It has been both the home of Australian artist Donald Friend and been the Bali holiday residence for celebrities and royalties. The 8-bedroom villa is set within enchanting gardens that also feature a grand pool and a private gate leading straight out to a white sanded beach. Other highlights of Batujimbar are the full-size tennis court, gym, and two canoes for guest use. View and rent Villa Batujimbar Dea Villas, 3-16 bedrooms near Seminyak Five glorious villas (three 4-bedroom, one 3-bedroom, and a 1-bedroom villa) make up the Dea Villas estate. Children and Spa lovers will feel right at home at the Dea Villas. Children will have their very own playground complete with swings, slides, a sandpit, and Wendy house. At the Dea Villas? spa pavilion, professional therapists offer a variety of treatments anytime between 7am and 10pm with just 30 minutes? notice. The villas are located just 5 minutes from Berawa beach, 15 minutes from Seminyak and access to the Canggu Club is included in your stay at the villas. View and rent Dea Villas   The above is just a selection of our large villas in Bali.  You can browse through our more than 700 Bali Villas here or you can contact us with your special requests and one of our villas Bali villa experts will contact you directly to help match you with the perfect location.
    Tuesday 12th of April 2016 12:00:00 AM
  • 3 good surf spots in Canggu
    For foreigners in Bali, living in the Canggu area has become increasingly popular over the last few years. I remember when I first started exploring the Canggu area just three years ago, there was no traffic, only small roads and rice fields as far as the eye could see. It is (unfortunately, some might say) not like that anymore, but, it is still an awesome area to live in, or even just to visit for a day, a week or even for longer periods. It is an especially popular place for expats to live with their families for extended periods. But how is the surf!? There are basically three places to surf in Canggu: Echo Beach, Berawa Beach and Old Man?s/Batu Bolong Beach Echo Beach To get to Echo Beach most people use the so-called shortcut through the rice fields. It is a simple small road that takes you from the Berawa area to Echo Beach much faster than if you were to drive all the way via the main road and then down to Echo Beach. This shortcut used to be a dirt road, but about three years ago it was upgraded into a proper road, which was nice for a while as it made it much easier to drive on. However, that didn?t last long, as then more cars started using the shortcut resulting in long queues during some times of the day (especially when the surf is pumping at Echo Beach). The road is actually not meant for cars, but because you can save a lot of time by using it, cars tend to use it going both ways ? which can result in huge queues. However, once at Echo Beach, the journey to get there is soon forgotten. At Echo Beach you can surf either the reefs to the right or those to the left or even the beach break just in the middle of the beach. In general, the waves are powerful (way more powerful than at Berawa and Old Man?s) and the spots must be considered as being best suited for intermediate surfers. Having said that, you can get some great long right or left waves on a good day. The beach can be popular though and the reefs can get easily crowded on a good day, and as the take-off spot is relatively small, you might have a lot of competition getting a wave. If you prefer less competition, you can always surf the beach break, which is always less crowded. Waves here can give you great rides and can be powerful, but they are not as long as at the reef spots. After a surf at Echo Beach, there are plenty of small warungs and bars to enjoy a cold Bintang and a cool sunset. Berawa Beach Berawa consists of one long beach break with a couple of small scattered reefs. Most surfers tend to surf the break just in front of the road, but you can easily escape the crowd by surfing a little more to the right or left. The waves are generally less powerful than at Echo Beach. I personally prefer the right spot, as it is less crowded making it easier to get some waves. There is a small cosy pop-up bar at the end of the road where you can enjoy a coconut or beer after the surf. There is also a huge new place being built, which most people say is supposed to be a new ?Potato Head? kind of place, which is a fancy but very nice place in Seminyak. Old Man?s/Batu Bolong Beach When coming down to Old Man?s Beach, you have to go through the same ?shortcut? you take to Echo Beach. There are plenty of places for parking there, so you will have no problem parking at the beach. It is a black lava sand beach, and when standing in front of the Old Man?s restaurant you will be looking out at the spot called Old Man?s. Just to the left of this spot is Batu Bolong, which is always a little smaller. Old Man?s/ Batu Bolong must be considered the easiest of the three spots in Canggu to surf. It has a very fat wave with little power ? making it good if you are a beginner with a longboard. You will have plenty of time to get in the right position, paddle a little to get it and then to get up on your board. The waves are long and can barrel when big. Most people choose to go right, but you can also get some good waves going left. When going left, the wave tends to be a little shorter though. Because of the fact that the waves at Old Man?s and Batu Bolongen are so good and easy, these spots are always crowded. They also tend to attract a lot of beginners, especially at the Batu Bolongen spot, which can make it dangerous being out there. Don?t expect to get waves entirely for yourself. Most of the times you charge for a wave, there will be 3-4 other surfers doing the same without really knowing that there are rules about whose wave it is or consideration of who should get up first. This means that you have to take care not to hit someone or to be hit by someone! Also you have to be prepared to expect a lot of ?party waves?, i.e. waves with more than one person on it. If you are the more experienced surfer who tends to get annoyed if it is too crowded, it might be a better option going to Berawa or Echo Beach for a surf. However, if you can hit this spot when it is not crowded (which is very unlikely), this spot is one of the best north of Kuta. After a surf, you can go to Old Man?s for a beer. Also, every Wednesday they host huge parties.   This post is written by a good friend of Vilondo villas - Rasmus Sørensen, owner of Sørensen ? www.soerensencph.com
    Monday 11th of January 2016 12:00:00 AM
  • Bali villas with pool fence ? we can help.
    Why rent a villa with pool fence? With more than 600 pool villas for rent, we often speak to parents that have concerns about their children?s safety and we understand that holiday plan with children needs to focus on not merely finding avenues of keeping children entertained but also ensuring at all times that they are safe and secure -be it in the child proofing of rooms or the kind of accommodation one opts for, right to the surroundings that one maybe located at. The ?flip side? of the luxury of a private pool villa in fact is in its privacy-you get to ?hog the pool? which on the other hand could also mean that sometimes the child may wander off towards the pool unattended ? a situation we would rather not have. Toddlers in particular are more exploratory and thus tend to make every attempt to seek new things and places to explore. For that reason and to ensure you peace of mind throughout your holiday we provide the option of renting a pool fence with almost all of our villas in Bali. Choose among hundreds of villas with pool fence Fencing for pools already exists in some of our villas in Bali, but we have extended this facility to almost all our villas listed on our site. Basically what you have to do is choose as you wish the villa that suits your need and that will be provided with fencing on the day of your arrival. While there may be just a few villas whose landscaping may not allow the putting up of a fence, most others are flexible enough for getting a fence with a proper closing facility along with it, which means that you don?t have to limit yourself to certain villas when you are searching for villas in Bali for your family. How do I arrange a pool fence with my villa in Bali? If you are interested in having a pool fence set up at your holiday villa, simply leave a message in the comment field when you inquire about a villa on our website and one of our villa experts will provide you with information about the availability and the rental fee for the fence and we?ll have the pool fence set up for you on your day of arrival. You can start browsing our villas in Bali here. Our villa experts are waiting to answer all the questions you may have.
    Thursday 23rd of July 2015 12:00:00 AM
  • 12 fun things to do in Amed
    Photo by Mikaku The stretch of coast name Amed in eastern Bali is a great place to get away from the crowds in the South. The pace of life in Amed is slow compared to most of Bali?s tourist hubs, however the area don?t lack options when it comes to activities. Here we have listed our 12 favorite things to do in Amed. 1. Go wreck diving Along the Amed coastline there are several good snorkeling spots, including the wreck of a sunken Japanese fishing boat. For some world-class diving head 20 minutes north to the USAT Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben. The 120 meter long wreck of a WWII transporter is the home of thousands of different species and is considered to be Bali?s number one dive site. The point of the wreck nearest to the coast can be reached with snorkel gear, but you need scuba equipment to fully explore the wreck. View map : USAT Liberty Wreck
    Tuesday 16th of June 2015 12:00:00 AM
  • 7 Bali villas perfect for weddings
    With its unique and spiritual ambience, Bali is the perfect place for a romantic wedding.  The Island?s many spectacular villas, provide ample opportunities for to-be-weds to find a setting that matches their dream wedding, including a wedding right on the beach, surrounded by green terraced rice fields or on the cliffs towering the Indian Ocean. To inspire you, we have collected seven villas in Bali that are perfect for weddings and will guarantee an unforgettable day for the married couple, as well as for the weddings guests. 1. The Pandawa Cliff Estate The Pandawa Cliff Estate is perfectly suited for weddings. With several configuration options suitable from 50- 200 guests and bedrooms enough to sleep 32 adults plus children. Add to that a stone amphitheater that can serve as a stage for entertainment or music and lastly romantic clifftop views of the Indian Ocean. View or rent the Villa the Pala (the Pandawa Cliff Estate) 2. The Sanctuary The Sanctuary is an ultramodern villa complex in Bali?s Canggu region. The complex has 10 luxurious bedrooms including two bunk-bed bedrooms that sleeps 20 children. This offers you the option of having many of your wedding guests staying with you in the complex. The married couple will have a private pavilion including their very own 10-meter pool for the married couple. The gardens are large enough to host a wedding of almost any size and have a wedding pergola to host the ceremony. View or rent the sanctuary 3. Villa Infinity With its own wedding chapel in the garden, the eight-bedroom large Villa Infinity is definitely designed for weddings. The endless rice field views just add to the magic. The garden is large enough to host a party of 300 guests and should anyone need to cool down there is room for everyone in the 40-meter long pool View or rent villa Infinity 4. Villa Asada Villa Asada is uniquely located in the Candidasa area, a long way from Bali?s busiest tourist hubs. Surrounded by green hills and spectacular coastal views the scene is set perfectly for a wedding. The villas terraces and perfectly manicured lawns provide space enough for 50 guests sitting or up till 80 people standing. When the celebrations are over the bridal couple can retreat to one of the two master bedrooms, leaving room for 6 lucky others in the 3 additional bedrooms. View or rent villa Asada 5. The Sahita If you are looking for a grand beachside wedding in Bali, there are few better options than Villa Sahita. The 1.6 hectare landscaped grounds has room for 500 seated guests that can celebrate with Mengening Beach as a beautiful backdrop, which also will set the stage for perfect wedding photos when the sun begins to set. View or rent villa The Sahita 6. Sungai Tinggi Sungai Tinngi is among the most romantic villas in Bali. A green garden with frangipani?s, palm trees, and small pathways lined with rocks help set the scene for an intimate Bali wedding with space for up to 40 sitting guests. The beach is literally a stone?s throw away from the villas, which just adds to the magic of villa Sungai Tinggi. View or rent villa Sungai Tinggi 7. Majapahit complex The Majahapit complex consist of three villas (two 3-bedroom and one 4-bedroom villa) making it possible for the bridal couple to bring a full entourage of 18 people. For a more intimate wedding the 4 bedroom beachfront villa ?Maya? can be rented. The beachside garden has a Balinese temple where the happy couple can say their wows in front of the 100 guests the villa has room for. View or rent the Majapahit Complex Do you need help to find the perfect villa for your wedding in Bali? The villas above are just a small selection of our many villas in Bali that are ideal wedding venues. You can view all of our villas here. Our Bali based villa experts are always ready to assist you in finding a villa that is just perfect for a dream wedding ? defined by you. We ca also put you in touch with a professional wedding planner that can assist with decoration, catering and all the other details that will make the day perfect. Just send us a message through the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Contact us
    Tuesday 26th of May 2015 12:00:00 AM
  • 7 Extraordinary & Fully Staffed Bali Villas
    If only the best of the best will do ? do you prefer to leave worrying about cooking, shopping, cleaning to others? - you should take a look at these truly extraordinary Bali villas. They are among Bali?s most luxurious and all have a complete staff including villa manager, private chefs, maids, butlers, and gardeners. Most also come with a private driver and car that will welcome you with the hospitality and warmth. 1. Villa Batujimbar Join the likes of Sting, Mick Jagger and Yoko Ono and make the splendid Villa Batujimbar your home while vacationing in Bali. This former home of Australian artist Donald Friend is the essence of Bali; inspired by Balinese Palaces and the famed Tirta Gangga water gardens. Take a walk in the villa?s exquisite gardens, among carved stone statues, water ponds and lava stone steps, and you will be taken aback to ancient times in Bali. Inside, pieces of fine art are found in every room. A dedicated gallery houses even more (including a painting of Donald Friend)of the owners impressive collection of Balinese art. Villa Batujimbar has private tennis court and gym, a warm-hearted Balinese staff and the Ocean views of Sanur Beach just outside the villa gates. View or rent villa Batujimbar 2. Villa Atas Ombak Villa Atas Ombak is without a doubt one of Bali?s grandest villas. Located on the beach and steps from the water, surrounded by manicured lawns, large frangipanis, palms trees and lotus ponds Villa Atas Ombak will satisfy even the most discerning traveler. The beach and the sea will play a prominent role at any Villa Atas Ombak stay. You can step straight from the lawns to the sand of Batubelig beach. Each of the villas five bedrooms have ocean views, and sunset views over the  Indian Ocean from the living pavilion. Some of Seminyak?s best eateries, Mozaic Beach Club and La Lucciola are just a short walk along the beach away. The uniformed staff of Villa Atas Ombak ensures you will have the holiday of a life time. View or rent villa Atas Ombak 3. Villa Voyage ? the ultimate island escape Villa Voyage is unique opportunity to experience barefoot luxury at its very best. Located on the tranquil Nusa Lembongan Island, a 30 minute boat ride from Bali, this villa the ultimate option for those who are seeking tranquility and calm combined with luxury. The beachfront villa steps right from the pool deck into the fine white sand. Villa Voyage?s design is true to its surroundings, combining natural element like coconut, bamboo and driftwood with designer elements from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tods and Aigne. Cars are rare on Nusa Lembongan, but Villa Voyage has its own buggy as well as a redesigned jukung (traditional outrigger fishing boat) to transport you around the island. The Villa Voyage staff ? including  butlers, gardeners, chefs, security, a villa manager and an operations manager ? is waiting to make your stay at Nusa Lembongan a once in a lifetime experience. View or rent Villa Voyage 4. Villa Istana Villa Istana comes with what probably is the most spectacular location of any villa in Bali. The villa is perched on Uluwatu?s towering cliffs 60 meters above the Ocean, where the surfers below are waiting to catch the next big wave, just minutes from Bali?s iconic Uluwatu temple. Five impeccable bedrooms offer plenty of room for large families or friends travelling together. The daytime can be spent in the majestic living pavilion, in the 32 meter long infinity pool or in the cliff-side bale with barbeque facilities and a sunken dining table ? the perfect spot for sunset cocktails. Kids will have a blast at Villa Istana as well! The kid?s wing has a pool table, ping pong table, media corner with TV, PS3, toys and board games. Children and adults alike will enjoy the culinary creations Istana?s chefs bring out of the professional kitchen complete with its own herb garden. View or rent villa Istana 5. Villa Bukit Naga Without question Bukit Naga is the most extraordinary villa in the Ubud region of Bali!  In fact, Elle Magazine named it the ?most beautiful villa? in all of Bali. Bukit Naga is an oasis of green in Ubud, known as Bali?s cultural center and is an homage to Balinese style and workmanship, which is totally in sync with its surroundings The property has multiple infinity pools overlooking the green river valley, and the lush garden invites you to explore its many unique features. For relaxation, find peace on the yoga mats in the villa gym or challenge your travel companions to a game of petanque at Bukit Naga?s petanque court. A staff of 13 awaits to welcome you at Villa Bukit Naga. View or rent villa Bukit Naga 6. Villa Cendrawasih Villa Cendrawasih is located in the heart of Seminyak, just minutes away from Bali?s premier beach clubs, restaurants and Seminyak beach, making Cendrawasih ultimate choice for those who wants to enjoy all Seminyak has to offer in style. In charge of the kitchen at Cendrawasih is a former chef at La Lucciola, one of Seminyak?s top restaurants.  Don?t forget to try his signature egg benedict breakfast. The air conditioned gym and the 18 meter long pool awaits you should the urge for some activity come over you. The villa?s driver can take you touring around Bali for up to 8 hours a day in the luxury vehicle the seats up to 7 people. View or rent villa Cendrawasih 7. Karang Putih The breathtaking Villa Karang Putih is a three building complex that can be rented individually or as an entire estate totaling 11 bedrooms. The villas sit on the edge of the Bukit?s Peninsula?s looming cliffs offering dramatic 180 degree views of the Indian Ocean. The propert, gardens and the interior is everything you would expect from one on Bali?s most luxurious villas and then some ? like the private helicopter landing pad, the mini golf course and the lawn tennis court. View or rent villa Karang Putih More beautiful Bali villas The villas above is only an exclusive selection of our more than 600 villas in Bali. More than 200 of them are fully staffed. You can view all our Bali villas here.
    Thursday 14th of May 2015 12:00:00 AM
  • 11 Things to do in Jimbaran
    Jimbaran is one of the most popular destinations in Bali for travelers. One of the main draws is the Jimbaran bay and the beautiful beach. However, there are plenty of other things to do in Jimbaran than visiting the beach. Here is our list of things to do in Jimbaran. 1. Seafood barbeque on the beach Eating fresh seafood from one of the warungs on the beach that serves grilled seafood right at the water?s edge at night is a Jimbaran must-do. There are clusters of seafood restaurants at each end of the bay, and a cluster in the middle. The menu is more or less the same in all of them. Uou simply pick what you like from the fish on display and pay by the gram. View on map Villas nearby
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