Golden Boot:

Davor Suker, of Croatia, was the leading goalscorer
in the
France 98 World Cup tournament.


171 Goals Scored.

6 goals:

5 goals:
Batistuta (Argentina), Vieri (Italy).

4 goals:
Hernandez (Mexico), Own Goals (Note); Ronaldo (Brazil), Salas (Chile).

3 goals:
Bebeto (Brazil), Bergkamp (Holland), Bierhoff (Germany), Henry (France), Klinsmann (Germany), Rivaldo (Brazil), Sampaio (Brazil).

2 goals:
R. Baggio (Italy), Bartlett (South Africa), Bassir (Morocco), R. de Boer (Holland), Cocu (Holland), Hadda (Morocco), Hierro (Spain), Kiko (Spain), Kluivert (Holland), Komljenovic (Yugoslavia), B. Laudrup (Denmark), Moldovan (Romania), Morientes (Spain), Oliveira (Argentina), Owen (England), Pelaez (Mexico), Petit (France), Prosinecki (Croatia), Shearer (England), Thuram (France), Whitmore (Jamaica), Wilmots (Belgium), Zidane (France).

1 goal:
Adepoju (Nigeria), Al-Jaber (Saudi Arabia), Al-Thyniyan (Saudi Arabia), Anderton (England), Ayala (Paraguay), Garcia Aspe (Mexico), Babangida (Nigeria), Beckham (England), Benitez (Paraguay), Blanc (France), Blanco (Mexico), Burley (Scotland), Cardozo (Paraguay), Collins (Scotland), Davids (Holland), Di Biagio (Italy), Djorkaeff (France), Dugarry (France), Earle (Jamaica), Eggen (Norway), Luis Enrique (Spain), Estili (Iran), H. Flo (Norway), T.A. Flo (Norway), S.J. Ha (Sth Korea), Hadji (Morocco), Helveg (Denmark), Herzog (Austria), Ikpeba (Nigeria), Ilie (Romania), Jarni (Croatia), Jorgensen (Denmark), Kostadinov (Bulgaria), M. Laudrup (Denmark), Lawal (Nigeria), Lizarazu (France), Lopez (Argentina), MahdaVikia (Iran), Mboma (Cameroon), McBride (USA), McCarthy (South Africa), Mihajlovic (Yugoslavia), Mijatovic (Yugoslavia), Möller (Germany), Moller (Denmark), Nakayama (Japan), Nielsen (Denmark), Nilis (Belgium), Njanka (Cameroon), Oliseh (Nigeria), Oruma (Nigeria), Overmars (Holland), Petrescu (Romania), Pineda (Argentina), Polster (Austria), Preciado (Colombia), Raul (Spain), Rekdal (Norway), Rieper (Denmark), Sand (Denmark), Scholes (England), Sierra (Chile), Souayah (Tunisia), Stanic (Croatia), Stojkovic (Yugoslavia), Trezeguet (France), Van Hooijdonk (Holland), Vastic (Austria), Vlaovic (Croatia), Yoo (South Korea), Zanetti (Argentina), Zenden (Holland).

Match Reports:
How did these goals get scored,
when, where, and against whom?

Own Goals:
1) Brazil v. Scotland
In a dour second half, Scotland didn't deserve to loose their grip on a point from this opening match. Sadly, a goalmouth confusion saw the ball bounce off Jim Leighton's face and return to the open goalmouth from Tommy Boyd's shoulder -- an own goal under pressure from Cafu.

2) Morocco v. Norway
Half time just seconds away, and the Moroccan goal keeper flustered a cross at Henning Berg's head and helped in by the Moroccan,
Chippo -- second own goal on the opening day.

3) France v. Sth Africa
Dugarry received a ball in the penalty area, and with three defenders on his back he managed to swivel and release a pass to Djorkaeff. Djorkaeff's shot was aided and abetted by an unfortunate
Issa -- own goal of the tournament number three.

4) Germany v. Yugoslavia
In the 74th minute the German's were given a lifeline -- Tarnat's free-kick deflected in by Mihajlovic for the tournament's fourth own goal.

The One That Shold Have Been) Spain v. Bulgaria
The fifth goal for Spain was rather bizarre: Kiko's header came off the bar, hit Zdravkov on the back, and bounced off an unfortunate Bachev holding the post -- own goal number five of the tournament. Kiko's first goal against Bulgaria gets credited to Owna Goala in my book, but not FIFA's. If it had gone off Bachev's back and wide of the goal it would have been a corner not a goal kick; therefore Owna Goala gets it!


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