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South Korea represent Asia in the World Cup finals for the fifth time.

This is their fourth successive appearance, and they can often prove troublesome to the favourites as they battle on valiantly.

They were drawing 2-2 with Germany in US 94, before the Germans made the fifth goal theirs. South Korea also drew 2-2 with Spain, and 0-0 with Bolivia.

South Korea the country.

Official Squad:


1 Byung Ji KIM (Ulsan Hyundai)
22 Dong Myung SEO (Sangmoo)


4 Young Il CHOI (Pusan Daewoo)
20 Myung Bo HONG (Bellmare Hiratsuka)
13 Tae Young KIM (Chunnam Dragons)
5 Min Sung LEE (Pusan Daewoo)
19 Dae Il JANG (Chunan Ilhwa)
12 Sang Hun LEE (Anyang LG)
16 Hyung Seok JANG (Ulsan Hyundai)
3 Lim Saeng LEE (Puchon)


17 Seok Ju HA (Cerezo Osaka)
6 Sang Chul YOO (Ulsan Hyundai)
7 Do Keun KIM (Chunnam Dragons)
2 Sung Yong CHOI (Sangmoo)
11 Jung Won SEO (Strasbourg)
14 Jong Soo KO (Suwon Samsung)
15 Sang Yoon LEE (Chunan Ilhwa)
8 Jung Yoon NAC (Breda)


9 Do Hoon KIM (Vissel Kobe)
10 Yong Soo CHOI (Sangmoo)
18 Sun Hong HWANG (Pohang Steelers)
21 Dong Gook LEE (Pohang Steelers)

Coached by Bum Kun CHA

First Round

13th June vs. Mexico

20th June vs. Holland

25th June vs. Belgium

Match Reports.

Group Tables.

The co-host of the next World Cup, in 2002, managed to earn a draw against Belgium in their last game; although they were already out of the tournament and had sacked their coach after the second defeat.

Sang Chul YOO's 71st minute equalizer sent a siren through the Bay of Mexico. The Mexicans, who were losing 0-2 to the Dutch at the time, clawed back to earn themselves a draw and qualification ahead of Belgium.

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