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This is the seventh World Cup finals for Romania.

They reached the quarter finals in US94, and the last 16 in Italia 90.

Looking at it mathematically, France 98 could mean a place in the semi-finals for Romania.

Romania the country.

Official Squad:


12 Bogdan STELEA (Salamanque)
1 Dan STINGACIU (Kokaelyspor)
22 Florin PRUNEA (Dynamo Bucarest)


2 Dan PETRESCU (Chelsea)
18 Iulian FILIPESCU (Galatasaray)
6 Gheorghe POPESCU (Galatasaray)
4 Anton DOBOS (AEK Athens)
Daniel PRODAN (At. Madrid)
3 Cristian DULCA (Rapid Bucarest)
20 Tibor SELYMES (Anderlecht)
13 Liviu CIOBOTARIU (Dynamo Bucarest)


10 Gheorghe HAGI (Galatasaray)
5 Costel GALCA (Espanyol Barcelona)
19 Ovidiu STINGA (PSV Eindhoven)
16 Gabriel POPESCU (Salamanqua)
15 Lucian MARINESCU (Rapid Bucarest)
8 Dorinel MUNTEANU (FC Koln)


7 Marius LACATUS (Steaua Bucarest)
11 Adrian ILIE (Valence)
9 Viorel MOLDOVAN (Coventry)
17 Ilie DUMITRESCU (Atlante)
21 Gheorghe CRAIOVEANU (Real Sociedad)
14 Radu NICULESCU (FC National)

Coached by Anghel IORDANESCU

First Round

15th June vs. Colombia

22nd June vs. England

26th June vs. Tunisia

2nd Round
30th June vs. Croatia
(Bordeaux )

Match Reports.

Group Tables.

While some teams might celebrate a victory by painting the town red, Romania chose to paint their heads yellow after beating England.

It's one thing for the fans to make such statements, quite another for the team to look like a bunch of clowns.

Romanian football died that night as they struggled to draw with Tunisia in their next match, and then looked lethargic against Croatia in the second round.

Road to the Final:
Who played who
when and where.

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