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Mon. 29th June:

Germany v. Mexico
Montpellier (16.30)


Holland v. Yugoslavia
Toulouse (21.00)

Germany v. Mexico
Montpellier (16.30)

Time to pension off half of the German Mannschaft. Germany looked rusty by what has always done them good -- the machine. A working machine needs oiling and parts changed; where were Germany's spare parts. Are there seriously no exciting young players in the Bundesliga, or is Berti Vogts too conservative?

Commentators said that Blanco couldn't do his South Korean hop-over against quality opposition. Well, he tried it again in the opening minutes against Germany, in almost the same situation, and was shut out. Commentators get it right, Blanco doesn't.

There was no urgency in the Mexican counter, and they seemed prepared to let Germany come at them in the first half.

Is there some masochistic streak in this Mexican side that they need to be two goals down before they come into the game? Better to start with nine men and then the two goals will come faster.

The first half was a no goal affair. The Mexicans had given the Germans enough time to get the two goals, and then changed the game plan. On the edge of the German area, Blanco threaded the ball through to Hernandez who slammed it home with defenders either side of him.

I guess German machines don't need servicing so much. Klinsmann was there to tap in a mistake from German Villa in the 75th minute, and Bierhoff headed in the winner four minutes from the end of normal time.

World Cups are getting too predictable -- Italy, Brazil, Germany, and the hosts.
Final Score: 2-1)

Holland v. Yugoslavia
Toulouse (21.00)

Davids killed this game in the last minute. Actually, it seemed dead for most of the ninety minutes.

A slow, boring game -- the fans in the stadium seemed to have gone to sleep too.

Bergkamp gets lucky in the 38th minute. A long ball from Frank de Boer arrives in the Yugoslav area, Bergkamp is being tugged on the shirt by Mirkovic and slips the ball under the keeper.

At the start of the second half a Yugoslav free-kick arrives at the far post for Komljenovic to equalize.

Mijatovic missed a penalty by slamming the ball on the understand of the bar.

No point boring anyone with the minor details, except that Bergkampf should have taken a shower in the 52nd minute for a Zidane style stamp.
Final Score: 2-1)

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