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Tue. 16th June:

Scotland v. Norway


Brazil v. Morocco

Scotland v. Norway Bordeaux: (17:30)

Scotland needed to take the winning route here in Bordeaux, and they started pressing in the right frame of mind from the start.

An early cross from Collins was headed down across goal by Christian Dailly-- no chance for a frustrated Gordan Durie to get anywhere near it.

Scotland applied most of the pressure in the first half, to a continued chorus from their fans; many in traditional kilts. Gallacher crossed a high ball back to Durie in the twelfth minute -- headed narrowly wide.

In the 16th minute, a penalty appeal was turned down but a free-kick was awarded just outside the right of the area. Colin Hendry was there to add some height -- Scotland would have to try again.

The Norwegian goal was continually under attack, but still the Viking ship wouldn't leak.

The first Norwegian corner came in the 21st minute. At last Tore Andre Flo had some support. Leighton punched out the effort, with Hendry's head bravely in to clear the return.

In the few Norwegian raids, Jim Leighton guarded his territory like a snarling Rottweiller, while his handler, Colin Hendry, patrolled the whole Scottish half. (Half-time: 0-0).


Straight from the restart, Haavard Flo was on the end of a Riseth cross to head in low at the far post. Any one still in the toilet would have missed it.

Jackie McNamarra came on for his Celtic team-mate Darren Jackson as Scotland looked for new ideas on the hour. Five minutes later, Craig Burley ran onto a long through ball and lobbed in Scotland's equalizer.

A fine save from Chelsea's Frode Grodas denied Scotland the chance to take the lead soon after.

The mathematicians will be at work now. Scotland's chances are slim, but they are still remotely possible. They will need to beat Morocco, and hope that Brazil win or draw their match tonight and the one against Norway.
Final Score: 1-1).
My Man of the Match --
Colin Hendry.

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Brazil v. Morocco Nantes: (21:00)

Bebeto would be supporting Ronaldo up front again, as viewers around the world saw them give each other a nice little hug in the centre circle before the cautious start.

Baiano culled Hadji's first tentative run, and on the next attack Brazil were almost ahead: Robert Carlos to Ronaldo, and through for Leonardo -- offside. Morocco's back line worked effectively.

Benzekri looked a liability again, and Rivaldo spotted him way off his line. The ambitious shot would have gone in if Pele was in his boots.

Then the Moroccans gave Ronaldo too much space, in the ninth minute, and paid as the Brazilian fired in from the edge of the area. Not much Benzekri could do about that.

Chiba marked Ronaldo alright after that; he studded the goalscorer on the thigh at around the quarter hour. This one was no play acting, and the Moroccan was lucky to get away without a booking for dangerous play.

Ronaldo almost connected to a Roberto Carlos cross in the 26th minute. The narrow miss hurt more than the earlier footprint of Chiba's.

The referee was conned by Cafu's theatrics, as Hadda appeared to have placed his foot on the ground, and not the Brazilian.

In the thirty fifth minute, the Brazilians seemed in all sorts of problems. A free-kick was awarded to Morocco on the edge of the area. In all the frustration and confusion, Dunga almost head-butted one of his own team mates in anger.

Benzekri was at it again, slapping at corners and relying on defenders to head off the line. Scotland should enjoy playing against him.

On half time, Bebeto passed the ball through to Cafu on the right who crossed in an easy tap in for Rivaldo. (Half-time: 2-0).

While Bezekri looks like his own worst enemy at times, he can pull out something important at times: a good save from a Bebeto after the restart, and again clearing with his foot at the feet of Bebeto after Brazil were three up and cruising.

The third goal came 5 minutes into the second-half. Ronaldo on the left, with Bezekri diving at his feet, flicked the ball for one of Bebeto's easiest goals.

Morocco tried to put some moves together, but they were out of the contest. Brazil were at the carnival again. They have won the group, whatever the outcome against Norway.
Final Score: 3-0).
My Man of the Match --
Rivaldo -- even though he was taken off in the dying minutes to give Denilson a run.

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