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Wed. 10th June:

Brazil v. Scotland
St. Denis:


Morocco v. Norway

Wed 10th June:

Brazil v. Scotland St. Denis: (17:30)

The Scots conceded the first goal of the tournament from a corner after only 4 minutes. Sampaio headed in at the near post, but the flood of goals didn't materialize, and the Scots deserved their equalizer; a 37th minute penalty, coolly taken by John Collins. (Half-time: 1-1).

In a dour second half, Scotland didn't deserve to loose their grip on a point from this opening match. Sadly, a goalmouth confusion saw the ball bounce off Jim Leighton's face and return to the open goalmouth from Tommy Boyd's shoulder -- an own goal under pressure from Cafu.
Final Score: 2-1).
My Man of the Match --
Gordan Durie.
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Morocco v. Norway Montpellier: (21:00)

Norway, playing in white, kicked off and started well under the inspiration of Tore Andre Flo. It took about ten minutes for Morocco to get into the game, and they started to dominate much of the play. Not surprisingly, Hadji took his opportunity on the left and came into the middle of the box to turn a defender and strike Morocco's first goal on the 39th minute. Half time just seconds away, and the Moroccan goal keeper flustered a cross at Henning Berg's head and helped in by the Moroccan, Chippo (another own goal). (Half-time: 1-1).

Morocco continued to dominate early in the second half, and Hadda connected calmly to a long ball from Tahar. Two minutes later, the Moroccan keeper flunked again, slapping pathetically at the ball to gift Eggen with an equalizing close-range header in the 62nd minute.

The Moroccans had a lucky escape in the 73rd minute, when Saber cleared off the line to save Benzekri's blushes. Tor Andre Flo was looking more and more frustrated, as the Moroccans continued to close him down and release through Hadji's red boots.

The Thai referee smiled as he handed out his first yellow card in 79th minute -- to Morocco's Chiba. An excellent game! (Final Score: 2-2).
My Man of the Match --
Moustafa Hadji.
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