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Sat. 11th July:

Holland v. Croatia Paris (21:00)

If there is any justice in this World Cup then Ronaldo will score a hat-trick in the Final, to wipe the smurk off Suker's face.

Not content with scoring Croatia's second goal in the first half of this third place play-off, the slimy snake continued to dive and cheat. He doesn't deserve to get the golden boot.

The greedy so and so even wanted a flag from the fans to accompany his picture in the papers, but wouldn't make their evening by returning the favour with his shirt.

There is not much sportsmanship in this man. It's just a shame that the refs. can't see through him.

Prosinecki put Croatia ahead in the 13th minute, and Zenden equalized eight minutes later. Slimy Suker scored his sixth of the tournament, but this game will be quickly forgotten.

Hard Luck, Holland.

Final Score: Holland 1 Croatia 2.

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