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Chile make it to the World Cup finals for the seventh time.

Their last six appearances were in: 1930, 1950, 1962, 1966, 1974, and 1982.

On home soil in 1962, Chile managed their highest position of third.

Chile the country.

Official Squad:


1 Nelson TAPIA (Universidad Catolica)
12 Marcelo RAMIREZ (Colo Colo)
22 Carlos TEJAS (Coquimbo Unido)


6 Pedro REYES (Colo Colo)
4 Francisco ROJAS (Universidad de Chile)
3 Ronald FUENTES (Universidad de Chile)
2 Cristian CASTANEDA (Universidad de Chile)
16 Mauricio AROS (Universidad de Chile)
5 Javier MARGAS (Universidad de Chile)
14 Miguel RAMIREZ (Universidad Catolica)
15 Moises VILLARROEL (Wanderers)


8 Clarence ACUNA (Universidad de Chile)
18 Luis MUSRRI (Universidad de Chile)
7 Nelson PARRAGUEZ (Universidad Catolica)
19 Fernando CORNEJO (Universidad Catolica)
10 José Luis SIERRA (Colo Colo)
20 Fabian ESTAY (Toluca)
17 Marcelo VEGA (Metrostars)


9 Ivan ZAMORANO (Inter Milan)
11 Marcelo SALAS (River Plate)
13 Manuel NEIRA (Colo Colo)
21 Rodrigo BARRERA (Universidad de Chile)

Coached by Nelson ACOSTA

First Round

11th June vs. Italy

17th June vs. Austria

23rd June vs. Cameroon

2nd Round
27th June
vs. Brazil

Match Reports.

Group Tables.

Chile received the most yellow cards in the first round, and must be disappointed that star strikers Salas and Zamorano didn't score more goals.

Salas scored a consolation goal against Brazil in the second round, but they were not hot enough to beat the champions.

Chile Links.

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