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Belgium are the under-rated plodders of world cup football.

This is their tenth line-up at the World Cup finals, and a prestigious fifth successive qualification, yet they only reached the semi-finals in Mexico 1986.

Belgium the country.

Official Squad:


1 Filip DE WILDE (Anderlecht)
13 Dany VERLINDEN (FC Brugge)
12 Philippe VAN DE WALLE (Aalst)


5 Vital BORKELMANS (FC Brugges)
2 Bertrand CRASSON (Napoli)
22 Eric DEFLANDRE (FC Brugges)
4 Gordan VIDOVIC (Mouscron)
16 Glen DE BOECK (Anderlecht)
19 Eric VAN MEIR (Lierse)
17 Mike VERSTRAETEN (Ekeren)


21 Danny BOFFIN (Metz)
14 Enzo SCIFO (Anderlecht)
3 Lorenzo STAELENS (FC Brugges)
6 Franky VAN DER ELST (FC Brugges)
11 Nico Van KERCKHOVEN (Lierse)
7 Marc WILMOTS (Schalke 04)
15 Philippe CLEMENT (Genk)


20 Lokonda MPENZA (Standard Liege)
9 Mbo MPENZA (Standard Liege)
10 Luc NILIS (PSV Eindhoven)
8 Luis OLIVEIRA (Fiorentina)
18 Gert VERHEYEN (FC Brugge)

Coached by Georges LEEKENS

First Round

13th June vs. Holland

20th June vs. Mexico

25th June vs. South Korea

Match Reports.

Group Tables.

Belgium didn't lose a match in their group, but didn't qualify for the knockout stages. The South Korean's 71st minute equalizer gave the Mexicans a chance to get back in their game against Holland, and the tournament.

Perhaps they should have tried to win against Holland in their opening game instead of stifling it. The have the consolation of being co-hosts of Euro 2000 and two years to shapen up.

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