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UEFA Cup Competitions 2001/2002 UEFA Champions League 2001/2002

First Qualifying Round, 1st leg

First Qualifying Round, 2nd leg

Second Qualifying Round, 1st leg

Second Qualifying Round, 2nd leg

Third Qualifying Round, 1st leg

Third Qualifying Round, 2nd leg

1st Group Stage

Matchday 1

Matchday 2

Matchday 3

Matchday 4

Matchday 5

Matchday 6

2nd Group Stage

Matchday 7

Matchday 8

19/20 February, 2002
Matchday 9

26/27 February, 2002
Matchday 10

12/13 March, 2002
Matchday 11

19/20 March, 2002
Matchday 12

22 March, 2002
Quarter-finals and Semi-finals Draw

02/03 April, 2002
Quarter-finals, 1st leg

09/10 April, 2002
Quarter-finals, 2nd leg

23/24 April, 2002
Semi-finals, 1st leg

30 April/01 May, 2002
Semi-finals, 2nd leg

15 May, 2002
Champions League Final
(Hampden Park, Glasgow)


2002 FIFA World Cup The 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup Finals

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