UEFA Cup Final
in Moscow

Played May 12th 1999

European Football -- Live results from major European soccer matches -- UEFA Champions League, Euro 2000 and more.

European Football --
Live results from major European soccer matches -- UEFA Champions League, Euro 2000 and more.


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AC Parma 3 -- Olympique Marseille 0


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1 min Parma kick off... playing to our right.
2 min Chiesa for Parma tries his first probe down the right. A slow tentative look at the French back line.
5 mins Both sides trying to size up the pitch. Pires tries a shot from out of the area, but no problem for Parma's Buffon.
8 mins Crespo is playing in gloves and earns Parma their first corner -- the first of the game, taken by Veron.
15 mins First corner for Marseille.
19 mins Most of the play is around the centre circle. Neither team is taking the game to the other.
26 mins goal.gif (309 bytes) Unbelievable mistake from Laurent Blanc, when the game seemed boring -- a soft header back to his keeper who was well off his line, and Crespo was there to profit and put Parma in front. His sixth goal in the UEFA Cup.
30 mins Veron gets a toe in to a penalty area scramble and sees his effort float narrowly over the bar and bounce off the roof of the net.
33 mins Parma seem more determined to get a second goal than Marseille do to equalize. Marseille are lacking ideas.
36 mins goal.gif (309 bytes) Powerful header from the middle of the area by Paolo Vanoli.
40 mins Free kick to Marseille outside the Parma area. The build up to the dissapointing drive at Buffon took about a minute. How did Marseille get here?
45 mins HT Marseille are having real problems trying to open up Parma. Laurent Blanc's 26th minute mistake seems to have taken its toll.

Parma go into the half-time pause two goals up, but the gulf between the teams is not that wide.

2nd Half
46 mins change.gif (94 bytes) Marseille make a substitution at half time: Camara replaces Da Silva
50 mins yellow_card.gif (94 bytes) Marseille get the first yellow card.
54 mins Marseille are having more possession in the game, but they're doing nothing with it.
55 mins goal.gif (309 bytes) A dream combination. Veron crosses from the right, Thuram dummies over the ball and Chiesa strikes his eigth goal of the tournament.

Possession doesn't win games, and Marseille need to start taking more risks.

60 mins Marseille are still stroking too many square balls, and will be going back to France empty handed.
66 mins Marseille get a free kick on the edge of the Parma area, and even that was hopelessly blasted at Sensini.
70 mins If you were to look at this game without knowing the score you would think that Marseille had the game under control.

Camarra shoots wide.

73 mins change.gif (94 bytes) Chiesa makes way for Abel Balbo.
76 mins change.gif (94 bytes) 2nd Parma substitution -- Stephano Fiore comes on for Veron.
79 mins Marseille are a total disappointment, and are relying too heavily on Pires.
81 mins Balbo's high curling and dipping free kick beats the Marseille goalkeeper and hits the post.
84 mins change.gif (94 bytes) The third Parma substitution. Asprilla comes on for Crespo. A whole new strike force to the team they started with, and they're winning this game 3-0.

And Marseille are doing nothing.

90 mins Marseille may have given away a silly goal midway through the first half, but there was no need to give up on the game.

AC Parma win the UEFA Cup.


The Teams:

AC Parma
Italian Cup winners
Cup Winners Cup winners 1992/93
UEFA Cup winners 1994/95
European Super Cup Winners 1993/94

Road to the Final:
1st Rnd: Fernerbace
0-1(a) 3-1 (h)
2nd Rnd: Wisla Krakow
1-1 (a) 2-1 (h)
3rd Rnd: Glasgow Rangers
1-1 (a) 3-1 (h)
1/4 Finals: Bordeaux
1-2 (a) 6-0 (h)
1/2 Finals: Atletico Madrid
3-1 (a) 2-1 (h)

Olympique Marseille
French Champions
10 times
French Cup winners 10 times
Champions Cup winners 1992/93

Road to the Final:
1st Rnd: Sigma Olomouc
2-2 (a) 4-0 (h)
2nd Rnd: Werder Bremen
1-1 (a) 3-2 (h)
3rd Rnd: AS Monaco
2-2 (a) 1-0 (h)
1/4 Finals: Celta Vigo
2-1 (h) 0-0 (a)
1/2 Finals: Bologna
0-0 (h) 1-1 (a)


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