European Champions League
The 1999 Final

European Football -- Live results from major European soccer matches -- UEFA Champions League, Euro 2000 and more.

European Football --
Live results from major European soccer matches -- UEFA Champions League, Euro 2000 and more.

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Manchester United -- Bayern Munich
(Nou Camp, Barcelona)
May 26th 1999


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1 min 93, 000 fans in Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium are here to see a Champions League Final between two teams who were not champions last year, but are this season's champions in their respective national leagues -- Manchester United and Bayern Munich, the treble is on for them both.
2 mins Manchester United are playing in their home colours. The atmosphere is tremendous.
6 mins goal.gif (309 bytes) Super Mario Basler stuns Schmeichel with a low curling free kich from the edge of the area.
9 mins Mario Basler gets in a dangerous cross.
11 mins Manchester United pushing for the equaliser, Oliver Khan is forced to come out of his area.
12 mins Beckam's free kick wasted as it curls and bounces into empty space.
13 mins Janker and Stam look a great pair going up for the ball, heads close together.
15 mins Andy Cole in front of Khan, has United's closest chance so far.
17 mins Zinkler gets in a diving header. Manchester United have yet to get into their rhythm and may need to concede another goal before they produce a spirited fightback.
21 mins Beckham's corner. Headed away by Jeremies for another. The next goes back out for a throw in and David Beckam's cross surprises Olivier Khan, but Yorke can't turn it in.
23 mins Manchester United are pressing the Bayern area more.
25 mins Sammy Kuffour gets injured in a tumble with Dwight Yorke. Beckham's free kick goes out for a corner.

Beckham takes it and the corner is double fisted away.

29 mins Jeremies stops Beckham and races up the middle of the field, showing how defence is the first line of attack.
30 mins David Beckam is taking corners again, and needs to start making them count. Dwight Yorke is finding it hard to feed Andy Cole through the Bayern defence.
32 mins Yorke again; marked so tighly by Kuffour that he pushes it out to Beckham once more. The cross to Andy Cole is cut out and Bayern move fast on the counter.
36 mins Ryan Giggs is shocked to be called offside, but the flag was waved for Andy Cole on the other side.
37 mins Basler creates danger again. Zickler goes down in the area -- fair challenge.
41 mins Beckham's free kick is a shot; wide of the mark.
42 mins To the other end, Stam is beaten and Schmeichel is forced out of his area on the right.
43 mins Dwight, ball left by Any Cole -- Ryan Giggs is through on Oliver Khan, but the Bayern defence is way too compact.
45 mins Scramble in the Manchester area. Alex Ferguson has his work cut out at half-time.
2nd Half
No substitutions during the break.
46 mins Janker is the first to put Manchester United under pressure again. Winning a corner for Bayern.
47 mins Blomqvist and Ryan Giggs pull out. Foul against Andy Cole, and the counter attack dissolves.
50 mins Long ball from Jesper Blomqvist through to Andy Cole. United are trying to attack from deeper, quiker, to surprise the Germans.
51 mins It shows that Bayern have done their homework on Manchester United and are getting back quickly. Typical German discipline to date. Where's the slip-up going to come from.
55 mins Ryan Giggs tries to wriggle his way through the Bayern area and gets a corner. Blomqvist gets the closest for Manchester United; slicing a half volley over Oliver Kahn and the Bayern bar -- from somewhere near the penalty spot.
62 mins Manchester are continualy frustrated by the oranisation of this Bayern Munich side. No yellow cards, few mistakes and a disciplined arrangement designed to take the trophy to Bavaria.
64 mins Mario Basler almost catches Schmeichel out from the half way line.
67 mins change.gif (94 bytes) Teddy Sheringham replaces Jesper Blomqvist.
69 mins Andy Cole's attempt at a scissor hick from the hipgoes wide.
71 mins Mehmet Scholl comes on for Zickler.
72 mins Steffan Effenberg sees his long-range shot go wide.
73 mins Again Effenberg at closer rage, flapped over by Schmeichel.
79 mins Bayern apply the pressure. First Mario Basler, then Mehmet Scholl hits the post with Schmeichel beaten.
81 mins Nicky Butt in the area, gets to the line and pulls it back. Oliver Khan is on the near post, and the goal is open.
82 mins change.gif (94 bytes) Ole Gunnar Solskjaer comes on for Andy Cole and forces a flying save from Khan.
83 mins Mehmet Scholl is again dangerous at the other end.
84 mins Again Mehmet Scholl. Another corner for Bayern. basler takes it. Overhead kick from Jancker hits the bar. Bayern are looking to put the game out of reach in the final minutes.
87 mins Solskjaer and Sheringham together try to catch out Oliver Khan. This is Manchester United's final chance.
88 mins Neville, Beckam, Giggs, Yorke mess it.

Again manchester push, Solshjaers header saved low.

89 mins change.gif (94 bytes) Goalscorer Mario Basler goes off for Hasan Salihamidzic.
91 mins goal.gif (309 bytes) Manchester corner, Peter Schmeichel comes up for it, and confuses the whole Bayern defence.  As Schmeichel turns to return upfield Ryan Giggs reaches Teddy Sherringham -- the equalizer.
92 mins goal.gif (309 bytes) Bayern get double whammied. Beckham corner, Sheringham heads down, Solskjaer volleys home what may be the last minute winner.

Schmeichel is cartwheeling.

It's all over in injuruy time, and Bayern are seriously wounded.

Manchester United are Champions of Europe -- And with it, the first English club to do the treble.


Previous Winners


The Teams:

Manchester United
Road to the Final
Qualifying Rd:
(Aug 12 & 26)
LKS Lodz (2-0) H
LKS Lodz (0-0) A

Group D:
Barcelona (3-3) H
Bayern Munich (2-2) A
Brøndby (6-2) A
Brøndby (5-0) H
Barcelona (3-3) A
Bayern Munich (1-1) H

1/4 Finals:
(Mar 3 & 17)
Inter Milan (2-0) H
Inter Milan (1-1) A

1/2 Finals:
(Apr 7 & 21)
Juventus (1-1) H
Juventus (3-2) A

Bayern Munich

Road to the Final:
Qualifying Rd:
(Aug 12 & 26)
FK Obilic (4-0) H
FK Obilic (1-1) A

Group D:
Brøndby (1-2) A
Man. United (2-2) H
Barcelona (1-0) H
Barcelona (2-1) A
Brøndby (2-0) H
Man. United (1-1) A

1/4 Finals:
(Mar 3 & 17)
Kaiserslauten (2-0) H
Kaiserslauten (4-0) A

1/2 Finals:
(Apr 7 & 21)
Dynamo Kiev (3-3) A
Dynamo Kiev (1-0) H


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