European Champions League

The Champions Cup



Apr. 7th
(1st Leg)

Dynamo Kiev 3 - Bayern Münich 3
1-0 (Schevchenko 16)
2-0 (Schevchenko 43)
2-1 (Tarnat 45)
3-1 (Kossovski 50)
3-2 (Effenberg 78)
3-3 (Jancker 90)

Manchester United 1 - Juventus 1
0-1 (Conte 25)
1-1 (Giggs 90)


Apr. 21st
(2nd Leg)

Bayern Münich - Dynamo Kiev

35 mins goal.gif (309 bytes) Basler puts Bayern in the driving seat.
Bayern will play Manchester United in the final. Live

Both were in Group D together.

Featured Match:

Juventus - Manchester United


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Sent Off

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Goal Scored

1 min They're off. United in red are playing to our left.
3 nin Schmeichel smothers the ball. Juventus applying the early pressure.
4 min Zidane sends Inzhagi, but the attack is stopped, by Beckham for a corner.
6 min goal.gif (309 bytes) Inzaghi -- Zidane's short corner to De Livio is returned, and played across the face of Schmeichel for Inzaghi to tap in at the far post. 1st corner, first goal.
11 min goal.gif (309 bytes) Manchester are sleeping, a lucky goal admidettly, but it's two-nil -- Inzaghi again. Japp Stam tried to slide in to block the Italian in the left side of the box, but only helped to deflect the ball over Schmeichel.
15 min Offside Manchester.
18 min Davids gets a knock, but not a yellow card.
19 min Dummy from Yorke, ball runs to Andy Cole... chips in first time to Yorke who takes it on his chest but volleys high.
21 mins Roberto Baggio runs down the left wing but is brought down before being too dangerous.
22 mins Penalty decision rejected as Dwight Yorke is clearly pulled down, just on the edge of the box. Definately a free-kick. No luck.
24 min goal.gif (309 bytes) Roy Keane pulls one back, heading in from a Beckham corner. A draw now would suit Manchester United.
29 min Poor shot from Dwight Yorke.
30 min Zidane is dangerous on the left, Schmeichel flaps in the center and turns to see Stam head off the line.
32 min Manchester try to put a few moves together and the Italian fans are irrated. Davids clears away the danger
33 min yellow_card.gif (94 bytes) If Manchester United make it to the Champions League Final, Roy Keane will be a spectator.
34 min goal.gif (309 bytes) Dwight Yorke levels the score. Another header. Eighth Champions League goal for Dwight Yorke.
37 min Andy Cole holds his head in his hands after Peruzzi gets down to hold his shot on the turn
38 min Stam is sticking to Inzaghi, and force him to shoot wide
39 min Dwight Yorke drives a shot against the lower far post. End to end football.
42 mins Another Juventus break from a quickly taken free kick near the center circle.
44 min Only 1 minute of extra time signalled, this first half has hardly stopped. Good, four times for a restart.
2-2 Half-Time
Second Half change.gif (94 bytes) Juventus make two substitutions.
change.gif (94 bytes) Paulo Montero and Nicola Amoruso on for Birindelli and Iuliano.
48 min Roberto Baggio's long ball down the right side is too long and Stam shields it out.
51 min Zidane's vissionary pass is better than the linesman who calls Inzaghi offside. Schmeichel gathers the ball at his feet
52 mins No offside this time, Schmeichel saves with his feet from Inzaghi
53 min yellow_card.gif (94 bytes) Davids fouls on Beckham, no final for Davids if Juventus get there.
54 min Weak cross from Zidane, Juventus need another goal. At the other end Beckam's center is too far for Andy Cole.
59 min Stig Blomqvist, in lots of space, is eventually closed down. The game has gone stale after the action-packed first half.
60 min United corner. Yorke's header straight ar Peruzzi.
62 min Confusion in the United penalty area, Inzaghi puts the ball in the net -- offside.
64 min Beckham's curling free kick towards York and Cole lands between them both and no good for anyone.
66 min Zidane again working balls through United's defence.... Stam stops Montero.`
68 change.gif (94 bytes) Paul Scholes on for Stig Blomqvist.
70 min Manchester United are 20 mins away from Nou Camp stadium in May. Davids flicks a ball through their defense, but no Juventus player is running on.
71 min Dennis Irwin hits the post, and the rebound is sidenetted.
76 min yellow_card.gif (94 bytes) Paul Scholes gets a booking for his hard tackle on Deschamps, and will miss the final.
79 min United trying to hold the ball, but it's always dangerous when Juventus break.
80 min 3rd corner for United.
80 min change.gif (94 bytes) Di Livio gets replaced by Daniel Fonseca.
82 min Zidane almost became an honorary Italian
83 min Yorke squares to Andy Cole, shoots at Peruzzi.
84 min goal.gif (309 bytes) Peruzzi pulls down Dwight Yorke, but Andy Cole puts the loose ball in the net in case the penalty was not given. United are through to the final.
88 min Beckham volley skims past the post, it's all over for Juventus and they know it. United fans are singing -- We shall not be moved!
91 min Juventus 2 Manchester United 3


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