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2002 World Cup Stadiums

Korea 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (3)
3rd Place match

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
Second Round

1st round (2)

Japan 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
World Cup Final

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Matches in Korea

2002 FIFA World Cup Matches in Korea Seoul Stadium

Seoul hosts two first round matches and one Semi-final game.

Friday, May 31 at 20:30
Group A:
France vs Senegal (0-1)

Thursday, June 13 at 15:30
Group C:
Turkey vs China (3-0)

Tuesday, June 25 at 20:30
Semi Final Game 1
Germany vs South Korea (1-0)

Getting To Seoul Stadium:
You can get to Seoul World Cup Stadium, from Downtown, by taking subway line no.6 or bus #361 from Hyundai Department Store Sinchon Branch.

Seoul Tourism

Maps of Seoul:
Finding your way around Seoul just got easier with these clear, three-dimensional maps.

Seoul City Tour:
Bus tours of Seoul begin every 30 minutes; from the bus terminal in front of the Dong Wha Duty Free Shop, at Gwanghwamun Gate.

Visit Seoul:
What to see and do in the capital of South Korea.

Outside Seoul

There's plenty of interest for visitors looking for side trips out of Seoul.

DMZ and the Vicinity:
The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), 2 kilometers wide on either side of the Military Demarcation Line, winds about 241 kilometers from the East Sea to the Yellow Sea.

Incheon and the West Coast:
Even if you're not watching any World Cup Games in Incheon, it's still worth making a trip out to the coast.

Rural markets:
Korean style country markets operate every five days. Moran and Icheonjang markets are easy to get to and provide an unforgettable experience.

Korean Folk Village:
Set in a natural environment occupying approximately 243 acres, visitors can experience the authentic atmosphere with over 260 traditional houses reminiscent of the late Choson Dynasty including various household goods from the different regions. (Getting there)

North Hangang River Resorts:
Leading along the North Hangang River -- from Seoul to Chuncheon City -- Gangwon-do, the KNR Gyeongchunseon Railroad and the Gyeongchun Highway offer a fine view of the river and the lakes. Numerous resorts make this a pleasant escape from the city.

Seoul Transportation

By Bus

Two express bus terminals serve Seoul: the Seoul Express Bus Terminal and the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.

Long Distance Buses:
Fast and reliable highway buses operate on expressways throughout Korea. The journey to Busan takes around 5hrs 20mins, Daejeon (1hr 50 mins), Daegu (3hrs 50 mins) and Gwangju (4hrs).

By Train

There are three classes of trains in Korea: the super-express Saemaeul-ho, the express Mugunghwa-ho and the limited express Tongil-ho.

An extensive rail network covers most of the country. Trains can get crowded on weekends so a reservation is advisable.

For Further Information and Reservation:
Seoul Station : 82-2-393-7008
Daejeon Station : 82-42-253-0087
Dongdaegu Station : 82-53-954-7788
Gyeongju Station : 82-54-743-8052
Busan Station : 82-51-463-5783.

Seoul Subway:
Eight subway lines and a surface line of the government-run Korean National Railroad (KNR) merging with them serve Seoulites and visitors most effectively.

By Air

With the opening of Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport primarily serves as the domestic airport. Subway Line 5 links Gimpo Airport with central and southeastern Seoul.

Domestic Flights:
Visitors can fly to 13 major cities in Korea, from Seoul, through a well-developed domestic flight network served by Korean Air and Asiana Airlines (no flight is longer than one hour).

From Incheon Airport:
While the train service is not yet available from Incheon International Airport to Seoul, the city is still conveniently accessible via buses.

International Flights:
Listing of carriers flying into Korea. Passenger service charges at Incheon are 15,000 won (USD 12) for departing international passengers. 4,000 won (USD 3.20) for domestic flights.

By Sea

International Ferries:
There are ferry services between Busan and Japan and Incheon and China.

Seoul Accommodation

Airport Hotel:
500 meters from Gimpo Airport, this hotel is handy if you've got an early flight or arrive in Seoul late at night.

Seoul Palace Hotel:
Located near the Seoul Express Bus Terminal, the Seoul Palace Hotel has 283 rooms, Japanese and Chinese restaurants, a wide range of international dishes in the Buffet Romantica, an elegant bar, sauna and health club.

Matches in Korea

Seoul Stadium -- Korea 2002
Seoul Stadium

Groups in Korea

Group A -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group A





Group B -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group B




[South Africa]

Group C -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group C




[Costa Rica]

Group D -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group D

[South Korea]


[United States]


Visit Korea:
Korea National Tourism Organisation.

World Cup Forum:
Talk about the greatest game on earth with fans from around the world.

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