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2002 World Cup Stadiums

Korea 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (3)
3rd Place match

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
Second Round

1st round (2)

Japan 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
World Cup Final

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Matches in Japan

2002 FIFA World Cup Matches in Japan Saitama Stadium

Saitama hosts three first round matches and one semi-final game, including Japan's first game in Group H. With a seating capacity of 63,700, this is the largest soccer-only stadium in Japan.

Sunday, June 02 at 18:30
Group F:
England vs Sweden (1-1)

Tuesday, June 04 at 18:00
Group H:
Japan vs Belgium (2-2)

Thursday, June 06 at 18:00
Group E:
Cameroon vs Saudi Arabia (1-0)

Wednesday, June 26 at 20:30
Semi Final Game 2
Brazil vs Turkey (1-0)

Getting to the Stadium:
Maps showing the location of the Saitama Stadium, just beyond the Tokyo Outer Loop Expressway -- in the eastern part of Urawa City, north of Tokyo.

A new rail-link runs to the stadium -- 50 mins from Tokyo, via the Namboku subway line, to Urawa-Misono Station.

About Saitama

Saitama Prefecture was founded in 1871.

Where is Saitama:
Saitama prefecture is located in the middle of the Kanto Plains (north of Tokyo), with the abundant nature of Musashino and the Kanto-mountains lying to the southwest.

Saitama Sightseeing:
If you want to explore the Saitama prefecture, here are some suggestions.

Saitama Museum:
The 2,400 year old Hikawa Shrine is also near the Saitama Museum, in Omiya Park.

Saitama Natural History:
Visitor information and exhibits on show in the Saitama Natural History Museum, in Nagatoro.

Getting Around

Connected by two bullet trains, the Tohoku and Jo-etsu train, Saitama is one of the key transportation hubs in eastern Japan.

Where to Stay

Saitama Accommodation:
If you don't want to stay in Tokyo itself, there are numerous possibibilities in the more natural surroundings of Saitama prefecture.

Matches in Japan

Saitama Stadium -- Japan 2002
Saitama Stadium

Groups in Japan

Group E -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group E


[Saudi Arabia]

[Rep.of Ireland]


Group F -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group F





Group G -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group G





Group H -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group H





Japan Travel:
Travel updates from JNTO -- the Japan National Tourist Organisation.

World Cup Forum:
Talk about the greatest game on earth with fans from around the world.

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1800-Worldcup: World Cup 2002: Korea/Japan Finals >> Stadium Maps -- Saitama

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