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2002 World Cup Stadiums

Korea 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (3)
3rd Place match

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
Second Round

1st round (2)

Japan 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
World Cup Final

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Matches in Japan

2002 FIFA World Cup Matches in Japan Oita Big Eye Stadium

Oita hosts two first round matches and one second round game. The 43,000 capacity Big Eye Stadium is within easy access of Oita City.

Monday, June 10 at 18:00
Group H:
Tunisia vs Belgium (1-1)

Thursday, June 13 at 20:30
Group G:
Mexico vs Italy (1-1)

Sunday June 16 at 15:30
Second Round
Sweden vs Senegal (1-2 aet)

Oita Tourism

Those of you who make it down here are in for a treat. The southernmost of Japan's ten world cup venues, Oita is surrounded by beautiful green mountains and overlooks Beppu Bay. Beppu and Yufuin are Japan's largest hot springs.

Marine Palace:
More than 2000 fish of 40 different varieties swim in 230 tons of swiftly moving seawater. Enjoy the spectacle of a diver's periodic entrance to the tank to feed the fish.

Mt. Takasaki:
Mt. Takasaki, an extinct volcanoe, offers lots of great hiking. To get to the top, start at Yusuhara Hachi Mangu Shrine and make your way to the Minami Tozan entrance. A rare chance to see Japanese monkeys in their natural habitat.

Oita's Cultural Treasures:
Taking a stroll through Oita, one feels the legacy of history flowing for hundreds of years.

Travel in Oita:
A nicely presented site about Oita to help you get the most out of your visit.

Walking Tour of Oita:
Map and descriptions of easily accessible thing to see around Oita.

What's on the Menu:
Illustrations and background information on the traditional dishes you're likely to be presented with in Oita.

Beppu City

JR trains run regularly between Oita and Beppu. Express trains take 12 minutes while local trains take 15 minutes.

Beppu Hot Springs:
Natural Hot Springs are called Onsen in Japanese. There eight major Onsen areas around Beppu, for visitors to choose from. You can easily get around the area by bus.

Map of the Spas:
Handy for orientation between the popular hot springs. There's also a restaurant map.

Other Beppu Attractions:
You can't spend all of your time in the spas. Here's a guide to some of the other attractions around Beppu.

Oita Transportation

By Air

Oita has regular air connections with Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Kagoshima and Okinawa.

The Airport:
You can get to the airport by hovercraft in 25mins or by bus in an hour.

By Sea

There are a number of ferry routes to Oita if you fancy a bit of cruising around the Japan Sea. Diamond Ferry does the Kobe route in 12hrs, Kansai Steamer to Kobe and Osaka in 14 hrs. Ferries from Yahatahama and Tokuyama take a little over 2hrs.

By Road

Long Distance Buses:
Buses from Oita to Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Nagoya and Nagasaki.

Oita Accommodation

Oita Hotels:
Four hotels in Oita with online reservations.

Spa Area Accommodation:
If you want to enjoy the hot spring resorts for a few days, you may like to choose accommodation near the spas themselves.

Matches in Japan

Oita Big Eye Stadium -- Japan 2002
Oita Stadium

Groups in Japan

Group E -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group E


[Saudi Arabia]

[Rep.of Ireland]


Group F -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group F





Group G -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group G





Group H -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group H





Japan Travel:
Travel updates from JNTO -- the Japan National Tourist Organisation.

World Cup Forum:
Talk about the greatest game on earth with fans from around the world.

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1800-Worldcup: World Cup 2002: Korea/Japan Finals >> Stadium Maps -- Oita

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