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2002 World Cup Stadiums

Korea 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (3)
3rd Place match

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
Second Round

1st round (2)

Japan 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
World Cup Final

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Matches in Japan

2002 FIFA World Cup Matches in Japan Miyagi Stadium

Miyagi hosts two first round matches and one second round game. The 50,000 capacity stadium is about 10km from Sendai city center.

Sunday, June 09 at 15:30
Group G:
Mexico vs Ecuador (2-1)

Wednesday, June 12 at 15:30
Group F:
Sweden vs Argentina (1-1)

Tuesday, June 18 at 15:30
Second Round
Japan vs Turkey (0-1)

Training Camps:
The two officially approved practice sites are located in Sendai and Ishinomaki; both within an easy commute to Miyagi Stadium.

Miyagi Tourism

Miyagi Attractions:
Some of the things that Miyagi is famous for -- from the Matsushima Islands and hot springs, to Kokeshi dolls and sasa kamaboko.

Miyagi Tourist:
Search this database for tourist attractions in Miyagi prefecture, or start from the regional map.

Sendai Sightseeing:
Bus tours around the major attractions in Sendai and Matushima.

Sendai Tourist Bureau:
Plan your stay in Sendai online.

Map of Sendai:
You won't find the Miyagi stadium on the map but the city's major attractions are marked in red, with a link to descriptions -- in the Sendai Guide.

Miyagi Transportation

By Air

Sendai airport receives regular international flights from Seoul, Guam, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Honolulu.

Airport Transportation:
Getting into Sendai from the airport.

By Train

The Tohoku Shinkansen covers the 350 kilometers between Tokyo and Sendai one hour 35 minutes.

Japan East:
JREast recommends places to see and things to experience at stations on every one of the JREast Shinkansen Lines. Each unique spot has something different to offer, from beautiful landscapes and views to special noodles.

By Road

The Tohoku Expressway is the main transportation artery, with a new expressway providing easier access to Miyagi Stadium.

Sendai Transportation:
How to get around Sendai and places to visit using public transportation.

Miyagi Accommodation

Sendai Accommodation:
List of places to stay in Sendai.

Matches in Japan

Miyagi Stadium -- Japan 2002
Miyagi Stadium

Groups in Japan

Group E -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group E


[Saudi Arabia]

[Rep.of Ireland]


Group F -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group F





Group G -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group G





Group H -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group H





Japan Travel:
Travel updates from JNTO -- the Japan National Tourist Organisation.

World Cup Forum:
Talk about the greatest game on earth with fans from around the world.

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