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2002 World Cup Stadiums

Korea 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (3)
3rd Place match

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
Second Round

1st round (2)

Japan 2002

1st round (3)

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)
Second Round

1st round (2)

1st round (3)

1st round (3)

1st round (2)

1st round (3)
World Cup Final

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Matches in Korea

2002 FIFA World Cup Matches in Korea Gwangju Stadium

Gwangju hosts two first round matches and one quarter-final game. (Capacity -- 42,000).

Sunday, June 02 at 20:30
Group B:
Spain vs Slovenia (3-1)

Tuesday, June 04 at 15:30
Group C:
China vs Costa Rica (0-2)

Saturday, June 22 at 15:30
1/4 Finals Game B
Spain vs South Korea (0-0 aet)
South Korea win 5-3 on penalties.

Gwangju Tourism

Located in the southwestern of the Korean peninsula, the center of Honam region, Gwangju is one of Korea's seven largest cities, with a population of 1.4 million people.

Chungshimsa temple is located at the western foot of Mt. Mudungsan. This biggest and oldest temple in Mudungsan mountain was designated as cultural material No1.

Dong-gu District:
Attractions and accommodation in Dong-gu district.

Gwangju Biennale:
To clarify misconceptions regarding the history of Gwangju, the Gwangju Biennale joins in the celebration of diverse cultures so that Gwangju can become a city of light that uses art to brighten the dark reality of Korean separation.

Gwangju City:
An introduction to the city and its administrative organisations, from the official Gwangzu City site.

Korean Restaurants:
While in Gwangju be adventurous and taste the local dishes.

Kwangju Folk Museum:
An introduction to Korea's traditional folk culture to help you appreciate Korea's folk heritage. The museum houses a collection of over 9,000 items of which 3,000 are on permanent exhibit.

Mt. Mudungsan:
Mt. Mudung (1,187m) stretches from the eastern edge of Gwangju-city, to Damyang and Hwasun. Famous stones Kyubong, Ibsok-dae, and Sosok-dae, and temples Chungshim-sa, Wonhyo-sa, and Yaksa-sa are located around the peak.

Pukgu District:
Cultural assets and attractions in Pukgu district.

Gwangju Transportation

By Bus

Express Buses:
Buses to Seoul leave every 5-10mins and take around 4 hours. Busan takes 4hrs 10mins and buses leave every half an hour, between 6:00 and 19:30. Many more routes around the country.

By Train

The Super Express connects Gwangju with Seoul in 4 hours, while the Express takes half an hour longer.

Where to Stay

Gwangju Accommodation:
Listing of hotels and inns around Gwangju.

Matches in Korea

Gwangju Stadium -- Korea 2002
Gwangju Stadium

Groups in Korea

Group A -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group A





Group B -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group B




[South Africa]

Group C -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group C




[Costa Rica]

Group D -- Korea/Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals Group D

[South Korea]


[United States]


Visit Korea:
Korea National Tourism Organisation.

World Cup Forum:
Talk about the greatest game on earth with fans from around the world.

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