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The last 16 continue on the road to Yokohama, with four games in South Korea and four games in Japan. 2nd Round

Game 1
Germany 1 Paraguay 0

Game 2
Denmark 0 England 3

Game 3
Sweden 1 Senegal 2
After Extra Time

Game 4
Spain 1 Ireland 1
After Extra Time
3-2 Penalties

Game 5
Mexico 0 USA 2

Game 6
Brazil 2 Belgium 0

Game 7
Japan 0 Turkey 1

Game 8
Sth Korea 2 Italy 1
After Extra Time

The last 16 continue on the road to Yokohama, with four games in South Korea and four games in Japan. 1/4 Finals

Game C
England 1 Brazil 2

Game A
Germany 1 USA 0

Game B
Spain 0 Sth Korea 0
After Extra Time
3-5 Penalties

Game D
Senegal 0 Turkey 1
After Extra Time

The last 16 continue on the road to Yokohama, with four games in South Korea and four games in Japan. Semi Finals

Semi 1
Germany 1 Sth Korea 0

Semi 2
Brazil 1 Turkey 0

The last 16 continue on the road to Yokohama, with four games in South Korea and four games in Japan. Third Place

Saturday, June 29
Sth Korea 2 Turkey 3

The last 16 continue on the road to Yokohama, with four games in South Korea and four games in Japan. The Final

Sunday, June 30
Germany 0 Brazil 2

Injuries & Suspensions -- Sin Bin -- Leading Goalscorers

2002 World Cup -- Road to The Final Casillas Saves Spain

Sunday, June 16th

Spain vs Ireland
Suwon --  (1-1 aet)
Spain win 3-2 on penalties.

Robbie Keane's first chance for Ireland flew wide of the Spanish goal, as both teams searched for an early goal.

Cheered on by their vociferous supporters, The Boys in Green continued to push forward.... with Damien Duff looking good down the Irish right, before laying the ball off.

Leading Goalscorers -- GOAL -- 1-0
Carles Puyol received a knock-back from his throw-in, on the right, and crossed into Fernando Morientes, who beat Gary Breen to the ball and headed past Shay Given; with only eight minutes gone.

Spain sat back a little, as Ireland tried everything in their repertoire to get back on level terms, then countered with long balls up to Raul and Morientes.

In the 20th minute, one such counter had Raul getting the better of Steve Staunton on a dash through the middle.... but the ball was too far from the Spaniard and Shay Given booted clear.

Five minutes later, Spain put together another elegant combination as Raul flicked the ball up for Morientes, in the Irish area, who headed back across to Luis Enrique to put in the net...... but the flag for offside was already up.

Ireland continued to play the offside trap well; giving the linesman, with his eye on the Spanish forwards, plenty of work to do. Just before the break, Matt Holland chipped the Spanish defence for Robbie Keane to sprint behind them and try an acrobatic juggle over Iker Casillas.

Half-time: Spain 1 -- Ireland 0

Ireland have pegged back similar half-time scorelines against Cameroon and Germany; their fans will hope that the Boys in Green can pull it off again.

Steve Staunton struggled to shake off an injury he sustained in the first-half and was replaced by Kenny Cunningham, five minutes after the restart as Ireland had another clear chance to level the score.

Iker Casillas dropped the ball but Kevin Kilbane's shot was cleared away by Hierro -- who also had Helguera behind him as a double cover.

With six or seven Spaniards filling the penalty area, Ireland were finding it difficult to get through them so Niall Quinn was brought on for Gary Kelly; to add some more height to the Irish attack.

Damien Duff earned Ireland a penalty in the 62nd minute. Ian Harte stepped forward to take it..... Casillas saved and Kilbane skewed the follow-up.

The luck of the Irish was running out and Damien Duff was starting to look tired.... although he pulled himself together to shoot narrowly wide with a little over ten minutes to go.

Iker Casillas flew into Robbie Keane shortly before the end as they both went up for a 50-50 challenge.

Leading Goalscorers -- GOAL -- 1-1
Second penalty for Ireland as Hierro is booked for holding Niall Quinn's shirt, with both hands, and trying to lift him off the ground. Robbie Keane brought Ireland level with 20 seconds of normal time remaining.

Into Extra Time:

Spain moved slowly in the first period of extra-time, as if they would be happy with penalties.

Ireland, meanwhile, continued to show tremendous fighting spirit and huge lungs as they battled for everything -- huffed, puffed and even produced flashes of brilliance through Damien Duff.

In the second period, Shay Given parried away Baraja's drive and at the other end Cunningham's grass cutter was narrowly wide, although Casillas had it covered.


Ireland -- 2

Spain -- 3

10 -- Scored 6 -- Scored
8 -- Bar 8 -- Scored
13 -- Saved 3 -- Wide
11 -- Saved 17 -- Wide
2 -- Scored 16 -- Scored

Final Score:
Spain 1 -- Ireland 1
After Extra Time

Spain won the penalty shoot-out (3-2) to face South Korea or Italy in the quarter-final.

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Player of the Match:
Iker Casillas -- Saved three penalties; one of them in normal time.

Red and Yellow Cards in the 2002 World Cup Yellow Cards:
Juanfran (62 mins)
Ruben Baraja (87 mins)
Hierro (89 mins)

The Teams:

1 Iker Casillas; 3 Juanfran, 6 Fernando Hierro, 5 Carles Puyol; 8 Ruben Baraja, 11 Francisco De Pedro (16 Gaizka Mendieta -- 66 mins), 4 Ivan Helguera, 21 Luis Enrique, 17 Juan Carlos Valerón, 7 Raúl (12 Alberto Luque -- 81 mins), 9 Fernando Morientes (14 David Albelda -- 72 mins).

1 Shay Given; 14 Gary Breen, 2 Steve Finnan, 3 Ian Harte (13 David Connolly -- 82 mins), 18 Gary Kelly (17 Niall Quinn -- 54 mins), 5 Steve Staunton (4 Kenny Cunningham -- 50 mins); 8 Matt Holland, 11 Kevin Kilbane, 12 Mark Kinsella; 9 Damien Duff, 10 Robbie Keane.

Referee: Anders Frisk (Sweden)

1st Round Match Reports 1st Round

Friday May 31
France vs Senegal

Saturday June 1
Ireland vs Cameroon
Uruguay vs Denmark
Germany vs S. Arabia

Sunday June 2
Argentina vs Nigeria
Paraguay vs S. Africa
England vs Sweden
Spain vs Slovenia

Monday June 3
Croatia vs Mexico
Brazil vs Turkey
Italy vs Ecuador

Tuesday June 4
China vs Costa Rica
Japan vs Belgium
S. Korea vs Poland

Wednesday June 5
Russia vs Tunisia
USA vs Portugal
Germany vs Ireland

Thursday June 6
Denmark vs Senegal
Cameroon vs S. Arabia
France vs Uruguay

Friday June 7
Sweden vs Nigeria
Spain vs Paraguay
Argentina vs England

Saturday June 8
S. Africa vs Slovenia
Italy vs Croatia
Brazil vs China

Sunday June 9
Mexico vs Ecuador
Costa Rica vs Turkey
Japan vs Russia

Monday June 10
South Korea vs USA
Tunisia vs Belgium
Portugal vs Poland

Tuesday June 11
Denmark vs France
Senegal vs Uruguay
Cameroon vs Germany
S. Arabia vs Ireland

Wednesday June 12
Sweden vs Argentina
Nigeria vs England
South Africa vs Spain
Slovenia vs Paraguay

Thursday June 13
Costa Rica vs Brazil
Turkey vs China
Mexico vs Italy
Ecuador vs Croatia

Friday June 14
Tunisia vs Japan
Belgium vs Russia
Portugal vs S. Korea
Poland vs USA

Road To The Final

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