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Liguria is better known as the Italian Riviera; the stretch of sandy shore near the French border around to La Spezia and the rocky Cinque Terre villages.

This picturesque and culturally rich region boasts a breathtaking Mediterranean coastline with a gorgeous mountain backdrop.

The motorways, autostrade, can get crowded and the tolls aren't cheap but the views -- between the tunnels -- are splendid.

If you choose to drive on the smaller coastal road beware of the Carabinieri enforcing the speed limit, especially on Sundays.

Liguria also boasts its share of grand aristocratic villas and elegant houses, some of which have remained in the family since before the unification of Italy.

The family bond is strong in Italy and no-one can fill the table with excellent local dishes like mamma.

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Liguria -- The Italian Riviera

Alpi del Mare: thumbsup.gif (264 bytes)
Journey through the counties of Cuneo, Savona and Imperia -- between the Italian Alps and the Mediterranean.

Hiking The Cinque Terre: cool.gif (93 bytes)
The Cinque Terre, literally five lands, was once used by pirates in hiding. Even today, the hilly towns are still a little off the beaten track; hardly suitable for the tourist by car. Go by train and then use your feet.

Liguria Guide -- World66: thumbsup.gif (264 bytes)
Enrico Pelos adds some wonderful photography to his in-depth aticle on Liguria. Part of the World 66 site -- formerly Osinga.com.

Seasun Camping:
Six campsites dotted along the Ligurian coast, between San Remo and Pietra Ligure.


Located on a wide, sandy bay -- between Santa Croce and Mele -- Alassio was first patronised by the English in the late 19th century.

The wonderful climate, crystal-clear water and soft sandy beaches still make Alassio one of the most popular resorts on the Ligurian Riviera today.

There's more to Alassio than the beach though, as a walk around the town will testify.

There are plenty of churches for the culture vulture to visit and outside restaurants in abundance, for a real taste of Liguria.


Hotel La Vela:
The Hotel La Vela is a little castle built at the end of 19th century on the quiet green area slightly on the hill at about ten minutes walk from the centre of Santa Margherita Ligure and only 4 km. from Portofino.

Liguria Lane:
Public relations and tourism agency serving the Santa Margherita and Portofino area of the Italian Riviera. Liguia Lane provides assistance to English-speaking travellers seeking villa rentals, or shopping and restaurant reccommendations.

Portofino Attractions:
Originally a small fishing village shaded by eucalyptus and olive trees, Portofino has become a sunny and relaxing paradise on the Ligurian Riveria. Places to visit around Portofino.

Portofino National Park:
A very dense network of paths crosses wild environments, rural settlements and sea villages rich in art and history and shows views that have become part of the Mediterranean visual legend.

Portofino Restaurants:
Ligurian cuisine has been described as an 'age-old discourse between land and sea' and the region has produced some of the finest and best-loved Italian dishes. Listing of Portofino restaurants.

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More than just a cookbook, Fred Plotkin -- who has spent the last two decades travelling throughout Italy in search of memorable food -- brings the Italian Riviera to your table through an enticing gastronomic and social portrait of a place he loves.

More than two hundred local dishes prove that Ligurian food is not only the tastiest in Italy, but healthy as well.

This ultimate Mediterranean diet of herb-perfumed cuisine, pesto, focaccias, filled pastas, and minestrone, as well as specialties like stuffed basil leaves and sea bass fillets in asparagus sauce, will make you hungry for the region too.

Recipies From Paradise:
Life and Food on the Italian Riviera.

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