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SA-Venues Travel Blog

SA-Venues Travel Blog

South Africa's premier travel website offering a wealth of information and resources for the traveller to South Africa.
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Recent News

  • 7 Reasons to Explore the Karoo Roggeveld between Britstown and Sutherland
    Send to Kindle The alternative route between Bloemfontein and Cape Town – A spate of idiosyncratic towns will enchant you, as will the incredible scenery, windmills, hospitable people, corbelled houses and star-strewn skies – the likes of which you?ve never experienced before. As the crow flies it takes the average traveller 11 straight hours, and a rather deadened derriere, to travel between Cape Town and Bloemfontein. The national road is easy enough to navigate despite the...
    Wednesday 19th of October 2016 07:00:53 AM
  • Visiting Bloemfontein? Read This
    Send to Kindle Stay in Bloemfontein for a couple of days and you begin to realise that the city?s reputation as the redneck capital of the country is more than a little unfair. For any of the residents of the country?s judicial capital will wax lyrical, at the drop of a hat, about its laidback vibe, surprisingly pretty gardens and reserves, gorgeous sandstone public buildings and not half-bad nightlife. We were in the capital recently and uncovered the best spots around Bloem. Visiting...
    Monday 17th of October 2016 07:00:53 AM
  • 12 Hidden Spots In Cape Town You Probably Don?t Know Exist
    Send to Kindle As well as one thinks one knows Cape Town there is always some little nook or cranny, deli or coffee shop left undiscovered. Here are 12 hidden spots in Cape Town… 1. Beta Beach For those of you who don’t already know about this tiny, perfect square of sand in Bakoven, let me first state that I’m only sharing if you agree to treat the pad with respect. The beach looks private, which is probably why it remains inundated, but it isn’t. Residents like it...
    Friday 14th of October 2016 07:00:41 AM
  • FREE. The Best Kept Secrets In Kimberley
    Send to Kindle Before exploring Kimberley I thought it had little more to offer than its ?Big Hole? experience. But the biggest city in South Africa?s largest province has a lot more going for it than we give it credit for. It?s origin as a diamond rush town made it the fastest-growing city in the southern hemisphere at the time that Cecil Rhodes amalgamated hundreds of claims into one hugely wealthy diamond industry. Today it?s a bustling, albeit small in terms of a city, community that Leana...
    Tuesday 11th of October 2016 09:47:47 AM
  • The 10 Best Food and Drink hoods In Johannesburg
    Send to Kindle Food is about people coming together to have a good time, and Johannesburg’s eclectic eating scene satisfies just about all palettes with a range of foods and dining experiences across its myriad districts and suburbs that would keep the average foodie in foodie heaven for months, if not years. On our list of 10 best neighbourhoods in Johannesburg there is everything from great locals, through Indian cuisine, to fine dining… The 10 best food and drink hoods in...
    Tuesday 4th of October 2016 07:00:00 AM
  • Johannesburg?s top 5 hipster suburbs
    Send to Kindle When CNN starts to refer to Johannesburg as a ?hipster hangout?, GQ magazine calls it the ?cool capital of the southern hemisphere?, and the BBC describes how Johannesburg has changed ?from no-go to gotta-go?, then you know things are changing. The perception of Jo?burg as a crime-ridden and turbulent city best avoided has done an about-face. Only ten years ago the average travel blog suggested, none too subtly, that you use the city of gold merely as a launching pad to head...
    Tuesday 27th of September 2016 07:00:15 AM
  • The Secrets of Kalk Bay
    Send to Kindle Don?t miss our favourite 5 historical buildings, homes and churches on Kalk Bay?s main drag! Ask anyone and they?ll tell you Kalk Bay is one of the most delightful seaside fishing villages on Cape Town?s False Bay. On weekends traffic along Main Road is backed up virtually to Muizenberg by 1pm as people forget how popular it is (and about the never-ending Stop Go at Glencairn). Parking is severely limited along the narrow mountain hugging main road (despite the improvements)...
    Thursday 22nd of September 2016 07:00:41 AM
  • Win a Two Night stay at Langebaan Country Estate in Langebaan
    Send to Kindle A fabulous venue in a popular town… we are delighted to offer our site visitors the opportunity to win a Two Night Getaway at Langebaan Country Estate in Langebaan. Win a Two Night Getaway at Langebaan Country Estate in Langebaan…     Langebaan?s Country Estate is offering 2 nights’ accommodation for 2 people in the Langebaaan Country Estate’s gorgeous golf suites, including breakfast, dinner and wine, and Sunday lunch with a bottle of...
    Tuesday 20th of September 2016 07:05:07 PM
  • 10 Best Non-Fiction Books About South Africa That Will Have You Hanging On Every Word
    Send to Kindle Many books have been written about South Africa. It may lie on the southernmost tip of the African continent, but it’s attracted a fair amount of attention since 1994 for numerous reasons ? political and otherwise. This list of 10 best non-fiction books about South Africa does not include Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom (we assume you’ve read that). Here, instead, are some you’ll know and others about which you won’t. All of them are worth reading...
    Monday 19th of September 2016 07:00:21 AM
  • The Lesser Flamingo ? Where To See Them In South Africa
    Send to Kindle A flamingo is a flamingo, is a flamingo. Plenty of these birds around. Flamingo shmingo, I hear you say? But would you be quite so dismissive if you knew that the graceful lesser flamingo is a Near Threatened bird? You find these light pink birds mostly in Africa, where they are said to congregate in huge numbers at Lake Natron (northern Tanzania), the Etosha Pan (Namibia), Sua Pan (Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana) and the Kamfers Dam, just north of Kimberley, in South...
    Wednesday 14th of September 2016 07:00:16 AM
  • 10 Of The Best Cape Town Boutique Hotels ? We Loved The First And The Last
    Send to Kindle A boutique hotel is a small, stylish hotel typically found in a fashionable part of a city. Originally the term described small hotels in the centre of large cities, like London and Berlin, but today it characterises an intimate set-up, usually a small selection of rooms with a distinctive personality and style. Although many bigger hotels now add ’boutique’ to their description in a bid to sound distinctive, the term used correctly describes an intimate,...
    Monday 12th of September 2016 07:00:45 AM
  • 48 Hours in Cape Town
    Send to Kindle Only 48 hours in Cape Town – What to see and where to go in Cape Town – we give you the low-down. With the rand at an all time low, now is the time to visit! A plan to enjoy the Mother City could pursue any of the following: from sipping wine and browsing farmers’ markets, to heading up the famous Table, followed by a sedate drive along the Cape peninsula…   FRIDAY: Land at Cape Town International Airport. We highly recommend hiring a car for the...
    Thursday 8th of September 2016 07:00:00 AM
  • The Secret Of Cape Towns True History
    Send to KindleLucy Campbell’s myth-busting, grassroots, warts-and-all account of the little recognised pre-1652 founding of Cape Town, and the trauma of slavery, is a meaningful educational experience that few visitors can afford to overlook. ‘Cape Town’, says Lucy, her grey dreadlocks loosely held by an orange floral scarf, her hands painting the air in front of her as she passionately engages her audience, ‘is a prime indigenous African-Indian-Asian-Eastern must-stop...
    Monday 5th of September 2016 07:00:04 AM
  • Highlights Of The Sunshine Coast ? Wait ?Til You Read The Last One
    Send to Kindle South Africa’s Sunshine Coast claims the highest number of sunshine hours per annum in the country, which is quite a claim, given that the sun seems to shine any time, anywhere in South Africa. So what makes the Sunshine Coast so special? For starters its 450 km coastline combines some 10 rivers and lagoons, blue flag beaches, malaria-free game reserves, a rich cultural history, first-rate birding and the only national park in the country to host the Big 7. Sound like...
    Thursday 1st of September 2016 07:00:23 AM
  • What Everybody Ought To Know About The Cape Town To Namibia Route
    Send to Kindle Driven with the wind in your sails, you can get to Namibia from Cape Town in just over eight hours, if you’re prepared to forego lunch or any of the attractions vying for your attention along the way. But you could treat the 890 km (more like 1500 km if you’re intent on Windhoek) route as a road trip and do it in a more leisurely fashion, savouring the chance to explore the nether regions of South Africa’s north western hinterland. Most people take the N7...
    Tuesday 30th of August 2016 07:00:45 AM
  • Four Towns, A Biosphere, Penguins & Whales ? Clarence Drive Has It All
    Send to Kindle Clarence Drive is one of the most stunning coastal drives in the world. It’s every bit as exciting as Chapman’s Peak, without the cost of the toll. Forming part of Route 44 Clarence Drive hugs an incredibly scenic portion of the coast just south east of Cape Town, connecting the seaside towns of Rooi Els and Betty’s Bay – the Hottentot Hollands Mountains on one side, the ocean on the other. Seventy seven bends, numerous wide curves and a couple of sharp...
    Monday 22nd of August 2016 07:00:12 AM
  • How To Have A Whale Of A Time Without Whales In Hermanus
    Send to Kindle Only an hour and a half’s drive from Cape Town, Hermanus hugs Walker Bay every bit like a mother who has perfected the art of the embrace ? gently, but without any attachment ? so that its waters appeal to a group of whales who return, year-upon-year, to mate and calve in these waters. Being animals they’re unperturbed by ideas anyone on land has about their presence in these waters, and so they keep largely offshore until it suits them ? usually around September ?...
    Thursday 18th of August 2016 07:00:12 AM
  • Cut The Cr*p ? Coffee Jargon Explained & Where To Find Craft Coffee In Cape Town
    Send to Kindle If, like me, you don’t know your acidity from your aero press, or your burr grinder from your percolation method, look no further. I’m bringing myself (and you) quickly up to speed with the latest coffee jargon (there are only so many times I can roll my eyes and affect nonchalance when colleagues speak coffee). But first, a list of the top spots in Cape Town to find robust, high-quality Craft Coffee in Cape Town…   WHERE TO FIND THIRD WAVE COFFEE IN...
    Monday 15th of August 2016 07:00:59 AM
  • Why The Lesser-Known Northern Cape Is The Perfect Place For Adventure
    Send to Kindle It’s no secret. South Africans regard their country as the Adventure Capital of the World. And for good reason ? we’ve the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee jump, the world’s only crocodile cage-diving, we free dive with tiger sharks, swim with Cape fur seals, cage dive with great whites, hike in Big Five territory, abseil off Table Mountain, kayak with crocodiles and boast an Extreme 19th hole (accessible only by helicopter) on one of our...
    Friday 12th of August 2016 07:00:07 AM
  • Expert Tips For Spotting Whales On The Cape Whale Route
    Send to Kindle The winter whale watching season is upon us! From early July until October every year the Southern Right Whale makes the Cape shoreline of South Africa its nursery. Whales come to warmer waters (from the icy waters further north) to mate, give birth and nurse their young. Whilst you can catch a glimpse of them all the way from the West Coast up to Storms River Mouth, the best part of the coastline to spot them is known as the Cape Whale Coast. This centres on Walker Bay in the...
    Wednesday 10th of August 2016 07:00:38 AM
  • Who Wants To Know The Best Way To See The Namaqua Flowers?
    Send to Kindle Cut through the jargon and the hype and take note of these easy to follow suggestions for the best blooming Namaqua experience you’ve had yet! 1. WHAT IT IS The Namaqua flower route is the greatest flower show on earth – considered a natural phenomenon and one of the world’s botanical wonders. During spring what is otherwise an arid, and to all appearances barren, landscape bursts into song as thousands of flowers appear almost everywhere ? along the sides of...
    Thursday 4th of August 2016 07:00:36 AM
  • 15 Tourist Attractions That Are Worth The Money (And 3 That Are ?Meh?)
    Send to Kindle It’s only fair that your money should work hard for you on holiday. Let’s be honest: there is nothing worse than standing in a queue, to hand over your cash, only to find that the attraction is over-hyped and underwhelming. To save you money, we’ve put together a list of 15 South African attractions that are worth every cent. And three that are not… 15 Attractions that are Totally Worth It … 1. ADDO ELEPHANT NATIONAL PARK Cost: From R58 to R232 per...
    Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 07:00:31 AM
  • The Ultimate Travel Calendar: Your Guide To The Best Places For Every Month Of The Year!
    Send to Kindle South Africa presents so many choices to the visitor that it is hard to know just when to do what, and so we’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of best places to be month by month. Here is the Ultimate Travel Calendar: Your Guide to the Best Places in South Africa for every month of the year …   JANUARY Head to: Cape Town. This time of year is brilliantly hot, the rather cool seas perfectly feasible after only moments of sun worshipping on...
    Monday 25th of July 2016 07:00:49 AM
  • 8 Stops On The Road To The Biedouw Valley, And Why It Will Change Your Life
    Send to Kindle The beautiful, relatively unknown Biedouw Valley lies hidden beyond the Cederberg Mountains on the other side of the Pakhuis Pass. To reach it involves a scenic two-and-a-half hour drive from Cape Town to Clanwilliam before heading east on the R364 through the Cederberg Wilderness Area, up the graceful Pakhuis Pass, down the other side and then off a gravel road that takes you to Wupperthal. You can also access the valley from the Northern Cape (Tankwa Karoo National Park), but...
    Wednesday 20th of July 2016 07:00:57 AM
  • Win a Two Night stay at Abalone House in Paternoster (Closed)
    Send to Kindle One of our favourite venues on the Cape West Coast, we are thrilled to offer our site visitors the opportunity to win a Two Night Stay at the beautiful 5 Star Abalone House in Paternoster! Win a Two Night Stay for Two at Abalone House in Paternoster…     Abalone House, set against breath-taking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean along the West Coast of South Africa, is about decadence, luxury and savouring life?s pleasures. The manicured gardens and the pristine...
    Tuesday 19th of July 2016 11:27:57 AM
  • The 12 best food & drink ?hoods in Cape Town
    Send to Kindle Cape Town is a Foodie’s idea of heaven – food, and wine, in the Mother City is as diverse as the people who live here. Labelled a ‘gourmet nirvana’ by Lonely Planet, Cape Town bursts at the seams with trendy markets, food trucks, original restaurants and cozy little eateries. The biggest issue facing any gastronome is not so much what to eat, as where to eat it. Hence our list of the 12 best food & drink ‘hoods in Cape Town ? the lowdown on...
    Monday 11th of July 2016 07:00:50 AM
  • 10 Movies To Get You In The Mood For South Africa
    Send to Kindle There is nothing better than a movie to set the scene. Movies are visual. They cut the fat and bring imagination to life. They can give you great insight into a subject, far faster than a book. And they can take you backward in time. Which is what we’ve done with this list of 10 movies (in no particular order) that brings you up to speed with South Africa’s chequered history, gives you an idea of the people who live here, sets the scene for a visit, and moves you in...
    Wednesday 6th of July 2016 07:00:30 AM
  • Escape The City: 8 Of Johannesburgs Green Spaces And Parks
    Send to Kindle Over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas ? the world’s fastest growing land cover type. In Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa green spaces are on the decline. In Africa this decline is critical ? with green spaces occupying less than 10% of land area in South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Rwanda, Somalia etc. Despite these statistics, the city of Johannesburg boasts 24% of public green space in the form of parks and gardens....
    Monday 4th of July 2016 07:00:10 AM
  • Escape The City: 9 Of Cape Towns Green Spaces And Parks
    Send to Kindle Cape Town has no shortage of green spaces and parks. Next time you’re in the Mother City trade a shopping spree for a walk in one of these … 9 Of Cape Towns Green Spaces And Parks Company’s Garden Without doubt Cape Town’s best known, and loved, green space the Company’s Garden has been here since the VOC (Dutch East Indian Company) arrived at the Cape in 1652 intent on supplying fresh produce to their ships on the spice trade route. The...
    Monday 27th of June 2016 07:00:36 AM
  • Our Top 7 Really Unusual Activities In The Cederberg
    Send to Kindle At the far northern extension of the Cape Fold Mountains is a mountain range known as the Cederberg. It is a vast array of weathered sandstone mountains and long, arid valleys that combine into a 830 square kilometre hinterland offering rock formations, remote hiking opportunities, camping, rock climbing and some breathtaking scenery. Bounded by the towns Clanwilliam, Citrusdal and Wupperthal the Cederberg functions as a weekend bolthole for Capetonians, and a hiking mecca for...
    Friday 24th of June 2016 07:00:47 AM

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