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Mapping Words

Mapping Words

Focuses on cultural experiences, immersion, travel and living abroad; mainly with East Asian content.
URL: http://www.mappingwords.com/

Mapping Words





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2012-06-01 19:01:40

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Recent News

  • In Photos: the Opening Night of my Exhibition in Brooklyn
    A few weeks ago, I boarded a Concord Coach bus in Portland, carrying a black portfolio filled with two years of drawings, photographs and plans to install my first solo show at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. It seemed almost surreal to hold two years of work in my hands. Thinking about those countless hours spent researching, sketching, drawing, and coloring, while trying to avoid drops of sweat from splattering on the pages, made me realize how they had become such an integral part of my experience in Colombia. At the end of January, when one of my professors from the Art Ed department recommended me for a show in Pratt Institute’s Nancy Ross Project Space, I hurriedly replied, “Yes!” Not only was the timing great and the opportunity incredible, but it was the perfect way to share my experience in Colombia with an American audience. Before arriving in New York, I’d already planned the layout on my computer. With the help of one of my best friends and some work study students, we installed the show in two afternoons. The opening reception was on Thursday, April 7th.  Grouping #1: This long display case held 11 full-color illustrations of scenes from Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Grouping […]
    Thursday 21st of April 2016 02:32:31 AM
  • Drawing + Teaching on Colombia?s Caribbean Coast: my upcoming solo exhibition!
    I’m very pleased to present my first solo show at my alma mater, Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, NY. I’ll be showing my illustrations, comics, sketches and a selection of student photographs from Colombia. (The opening will be tomorrow, Thursday, April 7th!!)   Here’s an excerpt from the introduction to my show: This collection of illustrations and photography is a culmination of Sarah Shaw?s time living and working on Colombia?s Caribbean coast. Shaw journeyed to Colombia with the U.S. Peace Corps in August 2013. After three months of job training in Barranquilla, she was placed in an Afro-Colombian fishing community located on the outskirts of Cartagena. Her main projects involved collaborating with English teachers in the town?s public high school and facilitating youth photography camps. In the early mornings and evenings, she would document her daily surroundings through sketches, comics and illustrations. Shaw found inspiration in the hot, tropical climate, where people tend to congregate in front of their homes to catch the slightest breeze and socialize with their neighbors. In her neighborhood, kids run barefoot through the small alleyways, and vendors roam along the beaches and dusty streets, offering a small cup of coffee or fried snack from their carts. […]
    Wednesday 6th of April 2016 04:26:51 PM
  • Teaching Beginning Collage Techniques on Skillshare
    As some of you may know, I’ve recently been creating art classes on a platform called Skillshare, that offers a number of project-based, self-paced classes that cover topics in art, design, crafts, cooking and other themes. My newest class, titled, Beginning Collage Techniques: Cut & Paste a Place! , explores my love for collage, and teaches a number of techniques and materials that can be used to create basic landscape collages. Here are some project examples from my class, utilizing various techniques: An Alaskan Mountain Scene. A reflective road receding into the distance. A Maine ocean scene using bits of torn paper.   Teaching on Skillshare has been a really fun way to document my process, share my skills, and connect with other creative professionals, while making a passive income and being able to work on some freelance projects. This month, Skillshare is also offering a promotion for new teachers who are interested in a creating a class. Between now and March 1st, for every friend you invite to teach on Skillshare, you both earn $100 when they publish their class before April 1st. Take a look at the link below, and message me if interested! Also, don’t forget to check out my […]
    Friday 19th of February 2016 12:14:44 PM
  • Some Notes for the New Year
    Snowshoeing into the new year in Maine. I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts folder for about a month. When I try to focus, my mind is so scattered. I’ll begin to jot down my ideas, only to check my goddamn email five minutes later, or stop to watch an episode of “Mozart in the Jungle. (The best possible way to use a free month of Amazon Prime.) Mainly, I haven’t known what to write. What are my thoughts for the new year? This is the first year in my life that’s begun without a clear plan. In the past I’ve been studying and/or teaching, usually knowing what my next step would be. Besides my upcoming trip to Germany in February, I have no idea what this year will bring. I don’t know where I’ll be living, where I’ll be working, or what I’ll be doing on a daily basis. But I do know one thing; this year I am going to take my work seriously– both my self-initiated projects and freelance work. Upon finishing the Peace Corps two months ago, I dove head first into freelancing. I used all that inspiration from the past year and a half to revamp my website, open […]
    Tuesday 19th of January 2016 05:32:33 AM
  • Teaching Travel Illustration on Skillshare
    Happy holidays! I’m very excited to present you all with my first Skillshare class titled, “Travel Illustration: Draw a Scene from your Favorite Place.” I’ve spent the past two weeks documenting my process, filming, and piecing together my teaching videos. Here’s my introduction video: Doesn’t that make you want to start illustrating your favorite place?! The first 25 students can take this class for free, so sign up if you are interested in learning some new skills or if you just want to watch the videos. I’m hoping to see a lot of activity in the class and can’t wait to start interacting with the students! So what’s Skillshare? you might ask. Skillshare is a learning community for creators. Project-based classes are taught by freelancers, hobbyists and professionals in a wide variety of themes relating to art & crafts, design, technology, film & photography, business, and even culinary and writing. After participating in a zine-making class, one of Skillshare’s managers encouraged me to create my own. I really enjoyed documenting my illustration process and techniques in this 24 minute class. You can sign up here (for free!) I’m also hoping to make a collage class in January, so stay tuned!   -Illustration, […]
    Saturday 19th of December 2015 04:03:02 AM
  • I finished Peace Corps and opened an Etsy shop!
    I know, it’s been awhile. Since my last post, I have been working on a series of illustrations based on daily life on the coast of Colombia, led several youth development photography camps, hiked the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada with local indigenous guides, taken two scuba diving course in the Islas del Rosario, judged a handful of English song competitions, worked in the school, laughed, cried, finished my Peace Corps service, said goodbye to all the incredible people I met, came back to Maine to spend time with my family, and opened an Etsy shop. I’ve also been figuring out my next step. It’s been hectic. I don’t want to stay with my parents forever… Anyway, I haven’t been writing much these days, but I’ve been creating piles of drawings. For the past year and a half, drawing has allowed me to document daily life in my Peace Corps community, La Boquilla, as well as other places I visited on the coast of Colombia. In addition to full-color illustrations, I also sketched daily and drew some comics, all of which can be seen on my website, saraheshaw.com , which I also created this year. This began as a personal project, but it also fulfills […]
    Sunday 15th of November 2015 02:12:21 AM

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