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Lost in France

Lost in France

Everything you need to know about living in or moving to France, practical guides, country information and expats forums.
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Lost in France





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2012-03-04 03:21:22

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Recent News

  • Subject: Citroen C15 van parts wanted in uk - by: Damian44
    Can any members possibly help me locate a rear bench seat (Passenger rear) for a Citroen C15 van. The French only market vehicles had side windows in the rear body and a fold down passenger/crew seat. I have tried ebay France and have not had a lot of luck. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Damian Tuttle.
    Friday 2nd of December 2016 01:57:52 PM
  • Subject: Forum use - by: Baggywrinkles
    Why doesn't anyone use this forum any more?
    Thursday 1st of December 2016 10:20:21 AM
  • Subject: Re: Buying a house - by: rogerinfrance
    Hi I am guessing the later date as before that it was "not a house!" But you will have to ask the marie, BUT if it was a self build it may not have any g'tees.
    Tuesday 29th of November 2016 09:26:32 AM
  • Subject: Buying a house - by: Madams
    Hello everyone. We are in a bit of a dilemma, we have seen a recently built house that was declared to the tax office as finished in 2011 but the Declaration D'Achevement de Travaux wasn't sent to the ministry until last month. The owners have been living in it since it was declared finished to the tax office in 2011. Does the 10 year decennial guarantee run from when it was declared in 2011 or last month? We are struggling to find a definitive answer. Thank you in advance.
    Sunday 27th of November 2016 10:45:08 AM
  • Subject: Re: Carrying jerrycans of fuel in the boot of a car - by: rogerinfrance
    I have had an EMPTY, and BOLTED DOWN jerry can "confiscated" by DSDF. This was an illegal confiscation and am currently dealing with them I did punch a hole in the bottom to make it useless before I gave it to them. Apparently they will not allow even water!!!! Now the rub, I have explained to them that to carry alcohol is ILLEGAL. As Alcohol is far more inflammable than an empty jerry can, or one filled with water, I am not only insisting that they comply with French law, but trying to ascertain how one carries, for example, engine oil, cooking oil, or water. Especially as they are transporting Spanish and Portuguese lorries with 45 gallon drums strapped to the underside of their trailers! I am currently awaiting clarity from the marine authorities as DSDF sent me a forgery of a document about fuel. According to the Marine authorities there is no reason why the fuel can should have been commented on. Needless to say, a flat tank is being procured and that bolted into the vehicle as the journey at night in the UK precludes finding an open gas station on the journey we have to undertake as the small tank in the vehicle does not give a sufficient range. Worse, on the crossing we were on there was a trailer with many motorcycles on it and they had gasoline in the tanks. Hence I shall bolt down a flat tank. Worse, some years ago I used to cross with 3 x 45 gallon drums by amongst others DFDS and was told by the security services and DFDS that as they were properly fixed down there was no problem. I am also awaiting their comment on the veggie oil, I suppose I could get that at Siansbury at Newhaven, Oh but they are shut when the ferry gets in!
    Thursday 24th of November 2016 03:11:46 PM
  • Subject: Re: Storing luggage in Paris ? - by: DannyJaes
    Yes :-D We used Eelway. They picked-up our luggage from our rental and dropped our luggage directly at the airport
    Monday 21st of November 2016 11:15:59 AM
  • Subject: Re: Internet TV - by: rogerinfrance
    I do not follow (you have not degrouped). Degroupee:- this is where the tlephone provider uses all the line for digitel but the telephone signal is now also VOIP. This in fact reduces the amount of available internet when in use by about .3-5 mb so if you are getting say 2mb then you will lose that and your available internet goes down to 1.5 Mb. All the providers come out of the same exchange and just have a "reverse" modem fitted onto the line by the ISP that you chose. therefore technically the speed of the line is the same. A test for degroupee is to see if when only a telephone is plugged into the telephone socket at the wall you get a proper tone and can telephone out, or a high pitched whine and nothing works. The latter is degroupee. So lets asume that according to you you have just PSTN then get a modem similar to that I gave you info of. I will then explain how to program it, hence the reason I said get the one I said. Now a VPN the speed is restricted only by the speed of your ISP, the VPN normally has a speed in the 100mbps range so the likely hood of you being restricted in France is shall we say remote to the point of the likely hood of getting that Roll Royce pick full of rocking horse manure I wanted!! The VPN companies all use high speed lines and things like OpenDNS, SaferVPN will never cause you a restriction. Your son is probably talking about companies like insurance companies that may have limitations due to the size of their computer systems. (I taught comms for amongst others the RAF) Now even if you have a 4G phone you still need the VPN as the system will identify you as being out of the UK so you will get a signal from say Iplayer that you are not in the UK and for copyright reasons etc... If you give me via email your phone number in France I can test your line, or you can with ADSLValley and that will give you line info. As my line will not give me more than 2mb (well a little over) I am on the lower cost internet at ?21 a month. My original post is now old hat, the situation has now changed and many very good VPN's are available. Some of these are apparently running somewhere in the region of 100Mb this is not available in France as far as I know so your internet will NOT be strangled. I do frequent tests and there is no difference between VPN on or off, and in fact certain French ISP use contention which does not happen with a VPN.
    Friday 18th of November 2016 02:37:51 PM
  • Subject: Re: Internet TV - by: Montbel
    Hello and re-Bonjour, Thank you for all that. I am a PTSN. I haven't degrouped because was told that Orange had better signal where I live. Also they are more likely to come out and help you than some other Internet providers. The telephone is plugged into wall and then into Live Box. However if I do this, will I still be able to use phone by internet? Still with Orange? Your computer isn't showing up anywhere as being in UK, but mine might be as that's where I am at present. However older son, who works in IT posed this........a VPN can't work any faster than the computer....a VPN is like buying a car capable of 80mph but it's restricted to a 30 mile speed limit. Did I say a friend offered a 4G phone to stream, then hook up to TV, but Simon also said, they may be limited on downloads (andI see they must be as you buy data package for certain period.) Also they can black out. So what do you think of the not fast enough speed on adsl.
    Friday 18th of November 2016 12:47:29 PM
  • Subject: Re: Internet TV - by: rogerinfrance
    I am going to have to go thru your system and explain things. OK you are with Orange, you have a dead box sorry live box yes? where does your house phone plug into, an ADSL filter or the back of the live box. In other words, does your phone line come out of the dead box. If it does it is degroupee, if not it is PSTN (that is plain standard telephone network and a separate filter into which is plugged the Dead box and the telephone.) Now sensibly, if you have PSTN then you can just switch on the VPN as and when you need to on your computer and watch the TV eithe on your computer or (and if it works properly) from out of the computer HDMI socket into the TV. Everything else works as normal. If you get a Manhatten S2 box then to watch ITV hub just plug the RJ 45 plug and stick it in one of the RJ45 sockets on the back of the dead box, BUT I would strongly suggest that you use the modem that I stated for the reasons stated and give the dead box back and save ?3.00 a month GET A RECEIPT FOR THE DEAD BOX< AND GET THEM TO REDUCE YOUR MONTHLY FACTOR WHILST IN THE SHOWROOMS. Orange staff cannot believe that you can use the internet without a dead box. Now when you use the VPN all your stuff gets routed from the UK via the VPN, if you were to check my headers now and you SHOULD see that I am in the UK I am not. If I use the other computer which is not switched to VPN then it would appear I am in France! You need at least 2mb to watch a reasonable signal without buffering. If your telephone comes out of the back of the dead box then you are degroupee. A whole new ball game so check and tell me how your phone plugs in. I will PM you with my proper email address so that you can contact me quicker and I can call you! I am guessing your friend is rich, The amount of input will be high and you still need a VPN as the signal for French users is blocked as an out of area receiver.
    Thursday 17th of November 2016 04:47:18 PM
  • Subject: Re: Internet TV - by: Montbel
    OK - dish is definitely out of the scenario - so needs to be internet. I am with Orange so not de-grouped, does have certain advantages when living in small village. With regard to VPN modem, would I have to be continually changing back and forth, so that I could use phone - yes it's internet phone. A friend has suggested........that I use a 4G mobile to receive and then relay to TV via cable. So what do you think about that? Ridiculously long research via Orange tells me that I do have 4G reception where I live - pleasantly astounded. Do you know, if I could buy faster broadband, if so would that solve problem via Chrome cast and film.on - or am I being technologically naive. It seems that it is the broadband speed which is the problem. Both film.on and Chrome cast appear and then become jerky and eventually crack up. Believe if I could get the broadband up to speed could also get French TV. Thank you very much for your reply and maybe we can clarify things a bit further. See now how to send a PM, but too late 'cos I've already written this one.
    Thursday 17th of November 2016 02:00:02 PM
  • Subject: Re: English speaking number for Saur - by: rogerinfrance
    I am guessing no but get your wife to ask them, but am guessing the normal intractable response is "mais non nous parlons en francais seulement!" Sorry I cannot be more helpful, and also you may find you get gobbledygook french ie spoken at nine hundred words a minute and they cannot understand french when spoken slowly. We have encountered that with suppliers. When asked about that by french speakers we got told "it deters wasting time with people who cannot speak french well!" Tip for blocking cold calling respond with Guten Tag, bitte sprachen zie deutsch. The caller just puts down the phone.
    Thursday 17th of November 2016 12:50:41 PM
  • Subject: Re: Internet TV - by: rogerinfrance
    Hi, bonjour. OK your dilemma, your ability to get UK TV is even with a whopping great antenna dish is going to be remote, chance what you are told. Now internet TV. First some cheapo news, the Manhatten cheapo box from places like Maplin gets ITV hub without a VPN. It did get BBC iplayer but that stopped on Oct 16th! Now the even better bit and I will PM you with the info is a VPN that costs about 40 a year and providing you get about 2Mb then your signal should be OK BUT if you use a provided modem you may have touble. If you have degroupee I can tell you how to get over the problem, if not it is easy, get a non specific modem again I will tell you in the PM. Normally the speed increases and the system is more reliable. I / we watch both. Now if you do have degroupe, then you need to buy the aforesaid modem, about ?30, and an internet phone, this will hand shake immediately with the socket of the modem just plug it into one of the 4 outlets in the back. Needless to say, the computers all plug into the other 3 outlets. The type of phone is called a voip phone and ranges from about ?30 to the sky so get a cheap one to start. next bit give the old modem after you have the system working back to whoever, eg Orange etc and ask them to knock the cost of the modem of the monthly bill, normally ?3.00. Also, if you have a NEW French TV, and get French digital as all French TV now is then if when watching a program say NCIS go to language and hit English it will come out in English, BUT every time the adverts come on you will have to reset the language to English. Hope that helps.
    Thursday 17th of November 2016 12:26:57 PM
  • Subject: Re: Internet TV - by: Montbel
    Interested in your post......I wonder if you can advise me. I am in a village in the Aude, 11240, 40 kms west of Carcassonne. I have, I think a 73cm satellite dish and SKY digi box. I have lost like most people UK TV, except for SKY NEWS, a few other news programmes and one or two commercial channels. For a couple of weeks in October it all came back, suppose position of satellite at the time. I am with Orange phone line and broadband. I've tried Chromecast and film.on, breaks up and freezes. I see via SKY for 349eu I could have VPN. It's a bit eye watering, that. The problem there is no way for me to install a larger dish, have no garden, nor available wall space for bigger dish. Would also like to have French TV - have no aerial. I am not very technical.
    Thursday 17th of November 2016 10:42:07 AM
  • Subject: English speaking number for Saur - by: Grazie
    Hi My wife is fluent at French and me far less so and I wonder if there is an English speaking line at SAUR as there is with Orange and EDF? Assistance would be appreciated Many thanks Graham
    Monday 14th of November 2016 07:49:27 PM

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