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Hacienda Chichen - Yucatan

Hacienda Chichen - Yucatan

Unique green hotel and boutique spa resort among the haciendas of Yucatan, Mexico. An ideal destination for nature lovers who want to experience authentic Mayan cultural traditions, enjoy healthy gourmet food, and explore the majestic Mayan temples of Chi
URL: http://www.haciendachichen.com/

Hacienda Chichen - Yucatan





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  • BEWARE: Some chemicals in sunblock and water-proof sunscreens may make your skin react adversely to sun exposure and cause an allergic reaction worst than a normal sunburn!
    Allergic reaction to Water-Proof SunblockBrand:  Banana Boat "Ultra Defense"Max Skin Protector  FPS-100 UVA/UVBSummer vacations may involve plenty of sun rays exposure, especially at the beach.  Using sunblock protection is highly advised, as it will help you avoid the risk of painful sunburn and also skin cancer, if you use the right product for your skin type. Some people burn particularly easily or develop exaggerated skin reactions to sunlight, this condition is called photosensitivity or sun allergy. 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Do not expose yourself to such discomfort, danger to your skin, and vacation fun blocker.Most people's skin will burn if there is enough exposure to ultraviolet radiation, thus the need for sunscreen or sunblock protection. However, we are not aware that many people can develop allergic reactions to sunblock products containing benzophenone, oxybenzone, avobenzone, cinnamates, PABA, and other chemicals. So beware of this ingredients as you can develop a generalized urticaria, anaphylactic reactions, dyspnea, chemical burn, etc. when exposing your body to prolong sunblock body contact, especially sunblocks that have poor wear solubility (water-proof) are truly damaging to people that develop allergic reaction to such ingredients which can create a photosensitizing effect in your skin.My back with the sunblock allergic reaction at its peak.I did not know sunblock and sun screen products sold as "skin protection" with high FPS, UVA /UVB etc. could be so damaging and create such terrible skin burns!!! The "Banana Boat" Ultra Defense FPS 100 UVA/UVB Protection sunblock I brought to my beach vacation did not have any "beware" or "may cause allergic reaction" information, so I did not think I could be endangering my skin and my vacation time.  I stayed off the mid-day sun rays my first five days of vacation, using a Nivea FPS 30+ UVA/UVB sunblock that worked wonders, I had a light light tan with no sunburn skin areas. CAUTION: One of the many sunblocksthat you may be terribly allergic to itschemicals and not know until it is too late!On the sixth day, I felt safe to use the Banana Boat Ultra Defense FPS 100 UVA/UVB to add a few hours of swimming during the late morning, I had lunch in the shade but still in my bathing suit and took a shower before dinner time.  By then, my skin (where I used the "Ultra Defense" Banana Boat sunblock) had become extremely sunburned, itchy, painfully red skin and hurting.  I tried apple cider vinegar to alleviate the burn & hurt, but it just itched more and hurt more, plus the red went into a deeper shape.  I wonder if the sunblock was creating an allergic reaction in me, so I "Google" for answers and found many blog entries and articles of people with my same reaction and condition to the same or similar sunblock product. Learned that some chemicals use by manufactures in "skin absorbing sunblocks" such as the one I used, have been reported to develop photo-allergic reactions in users. So why is this not told to the buyer prior to using the sunscreen? Maybe because we are a few with such horrible outcome; but for now, I rather advice  potential users than regret knowing what I know, and did not share it with others that could end up suffering same outcome.Treating your chemical burn skin with sunburn home remedies such as patting your skin with apple cider or white vinegar, Aloe vera gel, white egg, etc. won't help when the problem was created or aggravated by your sunscreen or sunblock cream or spray.  Best, wash your skin with a neutral gentle soap on a soft sponge to take off all that "water-proof" chemical hell off your skin! If those ingredients stay in your skin, the allergy reaction and terrible burning will continue and you may end up in the emergency room. After the shower and getting off the sunblock from my skin, I took anti-allergic medicine, and a pair of painkillers. Also, I was fortunate enough to have an Aloe vera plant near me. I did cut a fresh Aloe vera leaf and gently rubbed its clear pulp and gel on, it worked wonders, smoothing a bit the skin redness and pain. Yet, I still have deep skin burns, pain, and no vacation beach fun.If you have fair skin or an allergic reaction history like myself, you will be better off using products that contain Titanium dioxide and or zinc oxide as physical UV blockers, there is no reports of causing allergies.  These type of sunblock creams are a bit opaque and look funny on your body at the beach, but for sure will protect your skin and your vacation fun time.For more info about how to test your skin for sunblock allergic reactions and the most common potential photo allergy components in waterproof sun-blockers and sunscreen products, visit http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/528577_7
    Monday 12th of August 2013 08:30:00 PM
  • The Presidents of Mexico and China visited Chichen Itza archaeological site and then enjoyed a Special Gala at Hacienda Chichen Resort.
    A lovely sunny day at Chichen Itza's Mayan ruins, June 6th, 2013The Presidents of Mexico (center) and China (left) joined by Yucatan's Governor (right) arriving to Hacienda Chichen Resort, where they enjoy a beautiful Special Day and Farewell Gala Luncheon with their distinguished guests.Hacienda Chichen Resort is well known for its excellent service and responsible sustainable hospitality.  It is located near the Maya temples of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico.  No wonder this Official Farewell Event was celebrated in such lovely property and Colonial landmark.  The hotel caters to very special groups, parties and weddings, as well as regular travelers that enjoy quality food, relaxing private ambiance, and unique pampering services.  We highly recommend Hacienda Chichen catering and special events services to anyone looking for a phenomenal experience.
    Friday 21st of June 2013 01:33:00 AM
  • U Janal Pixan and the Day of the Dead Celebrations in Mexico
    DAY OF THE DEAD - MEXICAN TRADITIONAL FESTIVITIESU JANAL PIXAN is an intimate Maya family ceremony to remember their deceased and their ancestors, it is the Day of the Dead Celebration a very sacred and traditional celebration for all Maya and Mexican people. Day of the Dead is a very important ancient tradition. Maya villages prepare with tropical fruits and flowers and with up most care and reverence the ?altar? in which the food and beverage for their dead loved ones is to be placed during the first three days of November each year.  In some villages nowadays, this ceremony is celebrated as a tradition that blends ancestral Maya practices with the Catholic belief system, imposed on the Maya during the Colonization of their land.  Nowadays, most Mayan families' religion is a fusion of Mayan spirituality with the Catholic dogma, such fusion has created the current practices and celebrations found in most mixed family backgrounds in Yucatan.  Today, you will find Catholic saint and virgin images placed on the altar as part of the offerings to the soul of those that have left the physical body.  The offerings are exotic flowers, personal things, copal and meals the person enjoy while alive: fruits,kakaw, tamales, along with photographs, cruces and other colorful artifacts are carefully placed among candle lights andexotic flowers.  Praying and fasting is traditional, as is to decorate with flowers and fruits the tomb site, also spend the night in the cemetery next to the tomb of those loved lighting candles, singing the songs they loved, and offering their favorite meals and memorabilia.  Muc bi?pollo, a grant tamale meal, is served traditionally during this days. This 2nd of November 2012 Hacienda Chichen and the Mayan J-Men celebrated their annual Day of the Dead before their Full Moon Maya Blessing, both Mayan Ceremonies in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
    Tuesday 30th of October 2012 01:12:00 AM
  • Chichen Itza's Best Organic Gourmet Eating found at Hacienda Chichen Resort
    Chef Josue Cime picking up his organic grown produces at Hacienda Chichen Resort's own Organic OrchardYou know Chef Josue Cime is really committed to bring to your table the freshest organic fruits and vegetables when you see him picking delicious ripe produces at his own Organic Orchard Fields within the Hacienda Chichen Resort grounds.No wonder we loved eating at this green boutique hotel's restaurant, located a few steps away from Chichen Itza hotel zone entrance, you can even see some of the Maya pyramids while you feast in many Maya culinary delights.  I met Chef Josue Cime in my first visit to Chichen Itza when we stayed two glorious days at the Hacienda Chichen; would had stayed longer if we had not planned our return trip next day.  So we have come each year to this fantastic sustainable hotel with our friends for a good four day relaxing vacation and enjoy each time more and more what we find in this amazingly green destination.Yes, the Maya pyramids and archaeological sites are impressive, but more amazing is to know the Maya people that work at this hotel and the Maya healers or shamans that with such caring love take you into their holistic wellness center, Yaxkin Spa, and help you release stress and other toxic tensions from your mind, soul, and body.Met Mr. Jim Conrad, the hotel's resident naturalist who knows just about everything you can ever wish about nature and wildlife, he offers free Nature Guided Tours each morning to guests of the hotel and this is an experience that will deeply connect you to Mother Nature and our planet. Then of course is Mrs. Beatriz Correa, the soul of this beautiful land and hotel, she will guide you and assist you in Maya medicine healing traditions as well as sacred Maya rituals that are celebrated by authentic Maya Priests in the premises.Over all, the Hacienda Chichen, like Chef Josue Cime, are uniquely connected with their Maya cultural roots and traditions, speaking to your soul through their love for our planet and life itself.Note by Jean Langs
    Friday 6th of April 2012 01:17:00 AM
  • Traditional Maya Healing Arts: Zumpul-che Maya Purification Sweat-bath
    Maya Zumpul-che Cave Purification Ritual?As our bodies are mostly water, we are inexorably bound to the element and the molecular changes that occur in it as a response to words, prayer, pollution, deeds, gratitude, and love."                                                                                                                        - Dr. Masaru Emoto.At Yaxkin Spa, within Hacienda Chichen Resort's Mayan Sacred Ceremonial Center, guests can experience an ancient Mayan Holistic Purification Cave Ceremony and Healing Sweat-bath tradition: The Maya Zumpul-che.  This mystical and therapeutic sacred ritual truly connects you with your "true self" and Mother Nature.Private parties of 6 or groups from 8 to 13 guests can enjoy this therapeutic mystical experience. Our Sacred Mayan Natural Cave and sweat-bath offers an ancient Mayan holistic purification  therapy with a mystical ceremony celebrated by our Mayan healers. This Maya sweat-bath  rituals help de-toxic the body, mind, and emotions; purifying one's ch?ulel or chiwith similar therapeutic effects as the AztecTemazcal sweat-bath, offered in the Maya Riviera and Mexico, but with far more profound mystical roots and unique Mayan healing therapeutic elements. This is a great Maya Wellness Spa Center that offers traditional Mayan Healing, Holistic therapies and sacred Maya Purification Ceremonies a mist the original Mayan Temples of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.WE RECOMMEND YOU TO VIEW the YouTube Video: Ancient Maya Ceremony in Chichen Itza explaining more about this unique holistic ceremony and the Maya Healing traditions. For more information visit their website: www.yaxkinspa.com  or email:  info@yaxkinspa.com For Hacienda Chichen Resort info, visit: www.haciendachichen.com or email: info@haciendachichen.com 
    Sunday 22nd of January 2012 05:28:00 AM
  • Best Hotels in Mexico -- National Geographic Traveler
    Best Hotels in Mexico -- National Geographic Traveler
    Friday 9th of December 2011 06:53:00 PM
  • When Traveling Buy Indigenous Crafts and Art
    Fine Maya Art, Crafts, Replica Pottery and Jewelry at Toh Botique, Chichen Itza, Yucatan.It is a good habit to buy Indigenous! It helps generate income for local communities.  We at Yucatan Adventure often extol the merits of "Buying Native" or purchasing from a local Mayan artisan whenever possible, and when you visit Chichen Itza or any other tourist site in Yucatan, it's a wonderful time to put that ideology into practice; but if you want to make a greater sustainable contribution we suggest you come to the Toh Boutique at Hacienda Chichen Resort, this exquisite Mayan Boutique dedicates its profits to the Maya Foundation In Laakeech NGO green sustainable programs gear to support the welfare of Maya Children, local communities, and the environment!Toh Boutique Store, Chichen ItzaProfits from The Toh Boutique are shared with the indigenous artisans and Maya master ceramists and jewelers.  Each art craft, textile, or jewelry found at this lovely little boutique is carefully selected and an original piece of art!  You get to have it all, a beautiful purchase Mayan piece, and the joy of helping the social and environmental programs of this non-profit sustainable civil society.  To learn more about where the profits go and how they help the Maya local children and communities, visit Yucatan Adventure Eco Travel Guide online at www.yucatanadventure.com.mx  Want to visit Chichen Itza? Don't take a day tour bus trip, instead book a night or better yet, two nights at the lovely Hacienda Chichen Resort, Yucatan's top Green Spa Destination, an enchanting secluded small boutique hotel offering you the perfect green vacation with lots of eco-cultural activities to choose from.  Visit their website at www.haciendachichen.com The Hacienda Chichen has now two resident volunteers helping visitors get to know the Maya and their land. Naturalist Jim Conrad is dedicated to welcome nature lovers learn and enjoy the flora and fauna of this green hotel, offering free Nature Tours and Bird-watching guided walks.   Jack N. is dedicated to record the power of Maya mystical traditions and Maya healing rituals as well as to explore the Maya Cosmovision, follow him on FaceBook and Twitter at @JackN999Note:   Want to buy Mayan Crafts and Fine Arts, Jewelry, Maya Ceramic Replicas and Textiles, but not leave your home? Then leave us a Comment and we will contact you promptly.
    Saturday 3rd of December 2011 09:20:00 PM
  • Meet Jim Conrad for a Free Nature Guided Tour and to Learn about Hacienda Chichen's Flora and Fauna
    Come to Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, and stay at Hacienda Chichen for a full sustainable green vacation experience. Stay at least two nights to explore the Mayan archaeological sites nearby and truly enjoy Mother Nature, learn about the flora and fauna of Hacienda Chichen's private Nature Reserve with Jim Conrad, our Resident Naturalist and Maya Foundation In Laakeech volunteer.  Born in Maisonville, Kentucky, USA, Mr. Jim Conrad thinks of all scientists as naturalists because they are all exploring the nature of Nature, be they mathematicians, biologists, or physicists.  He writes about his nature findings in his website: Backyard-Nautre  and produces a weekly e-newsletter very useful to nature lovers and guests of Hacienda Chichen, a truly sustainable green destination with lots of eco-cultural activities to offer you that will enhance your understanding of Maya cultural traditions and give you the opportunity to experience authentic Mayan holistic rituals and much more.
    Saturday 12th of November 2011 03:28:00 AM
  • Enjoy Mother Nature and the Gift of Life at Hacienda Chichen Resort this 2011
    ??? Hacienda Chichen Bird Refuge and Nature Reserve??? Celebrate Mother Nature this Summer at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico and enjoy a beautiful vacation filled with eco-cultural activities and great Maya traditional experiences.  During May and June 2011, this superb green boutique hotel is offering great vacation packages and discount deals to you so take advantage of their great offers now and enjoy so many fun eco-cultural activities while relaxing at one of the worlds top sustainable getaway destinations.  National Geographic Travel's Top Choice for Nature Lovers and people that wish to trulye experience the Maya Culture:"Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa do not just reflect their surroundings - they help define them. Their transcendent innovating vision goes beyond traditional hotel keeping." She adds, "you leave with the kind of insight only soulful places can provide." Comment by Nat. Geo Senior Travel Editor, Ms. Sheila Feldman.
    Monday 16th of May 2011 02:51:00 AM
  • New Green Vacation Offers and Discounts for this Winter 2010
    ? Enjoy a Family Green Vacation at Hacienda Chichen and help the Maya people.??Take advantage of the great Eco-Cultural Vacation Packages offered by Chichen Service this November and December 2010 and help our Sustainable Community Social Work flourish, Chichen Service is an active donor to the Maya Foundation In Laakeech non-profit NGO that continues to support the welfare of Mayan rural communities and families nearby Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.
    Thursday 18th of November 2010 11:39:00 AM
  • Hotel Hacienda Chichen Offers You the Best Food Service in the Yucatan!
    Couples planning their Wedding Destination should concider this great Green Hotel embraced by Chichen Itza's magnificent Mayan temples in the Yucatan, MexicoRight next to the Mayan Archaeological zone of Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan, Mexico, you will find one of Mexico's best Mayan Cuisine and Colonial Fusion menu selection served with utmost care to detail, from top food quality and organic produces, to exquisite zesty delights sure to dazzle you.We highly recommend you plan your Wedding Destination or a memorable Family Luncheon or Dinner Party at The Hotel Hacienda Chichen. Its restaurants, terraces, and gardens offer a beautiful Colonial ambiance and excellent food service for any special occasion.  An elegant addition to any luncheon party is this Green Boutique Hotel's ?Organic Crudités, Fruits and Cheeses Extravaganza.? Guests love the exotic abundance of this artful edible ?landscape.? The tropical colors, textures, aromas and tastes of this unique party selection offers each guest the rare opportunity to indulge in a fancy celebration of Yucatan?s aromas and flavors.A great touch is to add music to the scene.  Professional Guitar Trios can stroll among your guest during the meal and regional dances such as Jarana Shows can be performed to enhance the event. Be sure to get the help of Chef Josue Cime to plan your special menu; Hacienda Chichen offers a variety of menu choices from 100% organic vegan recipes, to top meat quality choices, the range of tastes and food selection is fabulous and most delicious.  If you are looking for the perfect wedding destination, Hacienda Chichen is a place to check, visit their website: http://www.haciendachichen.com/ and review Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide on Nuptial Requirements in Mexico.  We hope you find this information helpful.
    Sunday 25th of July 2010 05:44:00 PM
  • Taste of Yucatan: Mayan and Fusion Cuisine
    Visit Taste of Yucatan: Mayan and Fusion Cuisine featuring Chef Josue Cime's culinary news, traditional Mayan recipes, Gourmet Mayan Fusion Cuisine Events, Organic Cooking articles and more
    Friday 9th of April 2010 03:27:00 AM
  • Plan your 2010 Wedding Destination Dream Party at Hacienda Chichen Resort
    Hacienda Chichen is known for its excellent catering services and romantic Colonial hacienda ambiance. This Green-Spa Resort is truly an Soulful Eco-Cultural Maya Jungle Getaway found in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, located so near the Mayan pyramids and archaeological zone that guests can view ancient temples from the hotel's gardens.This award winning Eco-Spa Jungle Resort, known for its exclusive ambiance, ideal for romantic wedding destination galas, and exclusive private parties, offers its guests  a truly paradise like ambiance and the most formidable location among Yucatan's Haciendas.  Hacienda Chichen is the perfect Mayan Wedding setting for couples interested in a mystical experience for their Mexico's Mayan Wedding Destination.Hacienda Chichen's Special Party Services include Wedding Dinner Galas, VIP Executive Luncheons, Family Reunion Parties and other exclusive catering services gear to bring the utmost quality in party planning, catering service, and theme party decor ambiances. Your guests will be enchanted with this Eco-Spa Jungle Resort's beauty, secluded privacy, country mansion elegance and true room privacy.We recommend you this Eco-Spa boutique hotel as a Mayan Jungle Soulful Getaway when planning your next Incentive Luncheon or Brunch Party, view the hotel's open garden terrace table layout to help you organize your guests seating arrangement. Remember, our party decor collection and gourmet menus can be customized to complement any occasion. Executive Chef Josue Cime will work with your ideas and meal choices to create a memorable gourmet party event with delicious organic food produces carefully selected to insure high nutritional value with indulging exotic aromas and flavors that will linger in your guests memory for years to come!  For further information and details contact this Yucatan Eco-Spa Hacienda directly via email: weddings@haciendachichen.com and review now any of the following links describing the Hacienda Chichen's Catering Services:Gourmet Party Menu Samples Decorative ThemesMenu Recipes Descriptions Dessert Gala Sample
    Tuesday 29th of December 2009 06:13:00 PM
  • Jim Conrad's Naturalist Field Work at Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
    The Maya Foundation In Laakeech and Hacienda Chichen welcomes JIM CONRAD, a respected Naturalist, as a volunteer supporting our green awareness and Mayan ecological programs dedicated to green awareness programs for rural local young adults working at Hacienda Chichen as well as to support the protection of this sustainable destination's private Maya Jungle Reserve and Wildlife. Jim Conrad started to issue his weekly Naturalist Newsletters from Hacienda Chichen, next to the Maya ruin of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, since early November 2009; in his last newsletter, he shared lots of great information about the bird population found at the Hacienda Chichen's Bird Refuge and Wildlife Reserve.Here is a portion of Jim's writtings:"BECARD ALONG THE ROAD - When I first hiked into the Hacienda Chichen, I figured I'd be walking that same road many times, and I was right. It's the road I jog each morning just before dawn and also I walk there in early morning and late afternoon when the sun is low, flooding deeply into the scrub from the road, sometimes illuminating things that usually wouldn't be seen. On one such late-afternoon birdwalk I photographed the fast-foraging bird: Rose-throated Becard, PACHYRAMPHUS AGLAIAE, common at forest edges, in open areas and the like, from Mexico to Panama. The Rose-throated Becard male has the rosy throat, making it easy to identify. The Rose-throated Becard female bird is a bit more challenging, with its rusty back, pale underside and broad beak causing it to look like a Myiarchus flycatcher. "If you are interested in birding and bird-watching, Hacienda Chichen in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico is one of the best bird-watching destinations in Mexico, check their website www.haciendachichen.com/birding.htm for further reading and details and Bird List.
    Thursday 19th of November 2009 04:03:00 AM
  • World Premiere of "Tales of the Maya Skies" in Mexico City this October 23rd, 2009
    A Superb All Dome Planetarium Film ProductionCongratulations to the Chabot Space Center, NASA, and other collaborators that help create and produce a wonderful new all-dome planetarium production named "Tales of the Maya Skies," which will see its world premiere at the IPN Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium in Mexico City, this October 23rd, 2009. "Tales of the Maya Skies" is also titled in the Maya language, Yok Ol Kaab Mayaa,' and in Spanish as El Universo Maya. This new digital planetarium show will celebrate its USA Grand Premiere in November 2009 at the Chabot Space Center in CA. and will be soon after featured in many planetariums around the world. Production team included many famous Mayan scholars, Fine Artists, Astrophysics, and Historians that did detailed research in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico for over two years and a half and worked with Mexican authorities support, such as the SEP, as well as with the support of Hacienda Chichen, the Maya Foundation In Laakeech, and the Mayan J-Men association KUCH KAAB Y'EETEL J'MEN MAAYA'OB.
    Sunday 18th of October 2009 02:33:00 AM
  • Yaxkin Spa a Mayan Holistic Eco-Welness Center in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, Wins a Special Award by SpaFinder
    Congratulations to Yaxkin Spa's Mayan Healers ! This 2009, Yaxkin Spa has won many International Recognitions and Awards as one of the Best Eco-Spas of the World. This October, Yaxkin Spa won SpaFinder's Readers Choice 2009 Award for Best Spa in Mexico for its Environmental Spa Practices. SpaFinder's president, Ms. Susie Ellis, expressed that this award is a tremendous achievement and congratulated Yaxkin Spa for its eco-cultural vision, sustainable mission, unique dedication to the Maya healing traditions and for its high commitment to eco-friendly Spa services.Spa Lovers will find Yaxkin Spa to be a magical Holistic Mayan Retreat and Eco-Welness Center is operated by true Maya healers and certified Mayan Spa Therapiests that have created a communion of sacred rituals and healing arts to create a harmony with the Maya Cosmo-vision. Maya Holistic Healing is gear to purify and clean a person?s ch?ulel or inner vital energy, renewing mental and physical balance and harmony.
    Wednesday 7th of October 2009 03:10:00 AM
  • 9th Maya Language and Culture Symposium in Huitan, Chiapas, Mexico
    This past August 2009, the Mayan J-Men Senior Healers and Wiseman had their 9th Maya Language and Culture Symposium in Huitan, Chiapas, Mexico and M.H. Jose Tamay participated with Lorenzo Tamay as the Maya Foundation In Laakeech spokemen. Both Mayan leaders are members of the MFIL Board of Trustees, MFIL is a NGO sustainable civil volunteer association dedicated to the welfare of the Mayan Communities near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.M.H.W J-Men Idelfonso Ake celebrated the main sacred Maya ceremonies during the 4 day events, as did M.H. Jose Tamay and other Mayan spiritual leaders of Yucatan, Campeche, Q.Roo, Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize.
    Friday 4th of September 2009 07:05:00 PM
  • A Living Universe View from Maya Cosmo-Vision Traditions and Teachings
    In an effort to help travelers familiarize themselves with the Maya Cosmo-vision and the subtle Maya holistic understanding of reality, the J-Men (Mayan Senior Wise-man and Mayan Holly Shamans) have granted Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide an interview to explain the importance of learning to view the universe as a dynamic fabric of ever-changing living energies. A intimate Cosmos of interconnected consciousness unfolding, expanding, and contracting, in a dance of conscious creativeness, where living energies flow from visible to invisible conscious forms, evolving and regenerating every moment.The Maya Cosmo-vision teachings can awaken our awareness that our universe is a living conscious, a holistic unified continuum of creative spiritual powers manifesting as a vast ocean of amazing life expressions and unfolding realities. You, I, and All that exists are One great manifestation of a Creative Cosmic Consciousness which ancient Maya subtly acknowledge as the Supreme Unnamed God creator of that which exists visible and non-visible, including our Living Universes and beyond.Read the full version of this highly interesting article about the Mayan wisdom and Maya Cosmo-vision traditions that parallel to Quantum Theory scientists understanding of our Cosmos and the timeless existential quest humans have faced for generations to know "who are we?"... "where are we?"..... "where are we going?" Thus Mastering the Art of Living on our Planet Earth in harmony with all that exists knowing that we are part of a Whole Creative Consciousness inseparable of the Supreme One and all that exists in our amazing Cosmos: A Living Universe.We invite you to review our Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech, our NGO sustainable social worker team.
    Thursday 3rd of September 2009 11:57:00 AM
  • Be a Volunteer this Summer 2009 for the Maya Foundation In Laakeech !
    Help us Help the Maya Rural Community Families! This summer 2009 you can be part of our social volunteer team and free volunteer abroad program. Come dedicate a few weeks of your vacation time organizing fun community programs, ESL teaching courses and workshops in Chichen Itza and Xcalacoop, Yucatan, Mexico.Contact us via email to:info@yucatanaventure.com.mxand request further information and volunteer program details on how you can be of help and support our sustainable civil associaltion NGO team.
    Wednesday 29th of July 2009 03:55:00 AM
  • GeoTourism Innovating Eco-Cultural Hotel Practices in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
    We hope our readers will support our innovating program to empower the rural Mayan people and their communities near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, by visiting our GeoTourism project entree at GeoTourism Challenge 2009 "Place of Power: Sustaining the Future of Destinations" a competition organized by National Geographic and Ashoka's Changemakers.THE MAYA FOUNDATION IN LAAKEECH A.C. innovating goal is help Maya rural people to achieve their personal goals, become self reliant, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the help of our volunteer team and sponsors. We invite you to support our sustainable community efforts and volunteer work by voting from July 14th, 2009 on, for our cause, sustainable tourism project, vision and mission. Join in, support us with your vote and place your comments to our competition's homepage: http://geotourism.changemakers.com/en-us/node/20470 With your help we can impact many Maya rural families' future and support many more Maya Children's nutritional needs. If you wish to volunteer or just learn about our nutritional program or pledge a small donation to support it, kindly contact us: info@yucatanadventure.com.mx The Maya Foundation In Laakeech and Hacienda Chichen eco-cultural sustainable vision and mission is committed to social, health and educational care as well as encouraging sound ecological practices within the Maya communities and rural indigenous people. We hope our readers will be motivated to support our eco-cultural social ventures, sustainable tourism efforts, and the many volunteer job-related workshps abroad such as ESL teaching, Computer Skills teaching, German as a Second Language teaching, etc. Any job related skill you have that can be helpful to work in the hospitality business will always be of great value to rural Maya young adults living near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, where the travel industry is the only non-farming related work available to them. So help us help and place your vote today!
    Wednesday 10th of June 2009 01:40:00 AM
  • Congratulations to Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa
    Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa have implemented an active and innovative sustainable eco-cultural and social vision that has gained them International recognition. We congratulate these dedicated companies for their efforts to preserve and promote the Maya Culture and protect the environment, empowering rural indigenous people is key to their success. The way they conduct their hospitality practices, service guests, help the Maya Communities near their property, and protect the flora and fauna within their vast private Maya Jungle Reserve is an example of good stewardship and commitment to improve they way to do business. Their commitment to promote and practice green awareness and social volunteer actions to empower the Maya indigenous people in their Yucatan municipality, has gained them the support and admiration from many respected institutes and International organizations. This April, National Geographic Travel editors selected Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa to be included in their 2009 Stay List Hotel We Love Guide."The hotels on our Stay List 2009 don't just reflect their surroundings-they help define them," says Traveler Senior Editor Sheila Feldman Buckmaster. "What they all have in common is a transcendent vision that goes beyond traditional hotel-keeping. This mindset is what gives these hotels their sense of place. Make no mistake: you'll sense the vibe at once. And after your stay, you'll leave with the kind of insight only soulful places can provide." Quote from National Geographic Traveler Senior Editor, Sheila Buckmaster.National Geographic Traveler 2009 Stay List criteria and selection processbegan by tapping into the collected experiences of veteran journalists, inveterate road warriors, and local experts. They based their nominations on key criteria. Is the hotel engaged with the local community? Does it subscribe to sustainable practices that respect the region? Does it truly capture the spirit of its setting? Further research and detailed questionnaires winnowed hundreds of submissions down to this sweet list of 129 hotels. The properties on their Stay List offer truly unique experiences, and National Geographic editos are excited to highlight them in their April magazine edition as well as their website.If you have plans to volunteer this summer 2009 and wish to support the Maya Foundation In Laakeech Social Volunteer Programs, you can stay for free at the Hacienda Chichen's Maya Hut, donated by this green boutique hotel to support the social programs the foundation actively conducts in the Maya communities nearby Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, for detail information about how to apply to the ESL teaching volunteer and other job related volunteer opportunities with free rooming at the Hacienda Chichen, kindly visit the following webpage:http://www.yucatanadventure.com.mx/volunteering-FAQ.htm
    Sunday 26th of April 2009 03:37:00 AM
  • 2009 Eco-Spa Wellness Maya Retreats
    Do not miss the opportunity to participate in a unique Yucatan Spa Vacation and Mayan Eco-Spa Holistic Retreat at Yaxkin Spa in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico:2009 JUNE: starts 23rd. at 5 PM - ends June 26th. at 1 PM2009 SEPTEMBER: starts 1st. at 5 PM - ends Sept. 4th at 1 PM2009 OCTOBER: starts 8th. at 5 PM - ends Oct. 11th at 1 PM These 2009 Yucatan Mayan Spa Vacation and Holistic Mayan Eco-Spa Retreats were designed to bring you a unique mystical Mayan Spa experience with holistic purification Mayan Spa rituals and ceremonies, organic gourmet menus, group meditation; plus, personal Mayan Spa holistic care, Mayan herbal therapies, Zumpul-che, and Mayan healthy cooking classes included.Price per person, taxes apply:Single occupancy / a Queen bed / historic room: US $ 1250.00Double occupancy / two full beds / historic room: US $ 980.00Double occupancy / a Queen bed / honeymoon room: US $ 1000.00 Double occupancy / a King or 2 full beds /Master Suite: US $ 1150.00Read further details on the program and services included at http://www.yaxkinspa.com/Above Eco-Spa Retreat prices include 35% off regular rates, save an extra 10% sale tax when prepaying your bookings via Chichen Serviceor Travel Yucatan Today online.
    Sunday 8th of March 2009 06:01:00 PM
    This 21st. of March 2009 the Mayan Elder Healers and J-Men Wiseman invite you to participate in the Mayan New Fire Ceremony in their Mayan Sacred Ceremonial Site located within the Mayan Jungle Reserve of Hacienda Chichen. Celebrations will start at 10 AM and participation is free, although donations are highly appreciated by the Mayan Shamans and Healers.After the ceremony, J-Men Tamay will celebrate a holistic Mayan Zumpul-che ceremony to revitalize mind, body, emotions, and soul, to unite your inner-self with the Cosmos and Mother Nature. Zumpul-che Mayan sweatbath ceremonies are similar to a Mexican Temazcal for their purification and therapeutical healing, but the Maya Zumpul-che is a high mystical holistic experience we surely recommend to anyone visiting Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.For registration and booking your participation to this 2009 Spring Equinox celebrations and Mayan ceremonies, kindly email us at info@yucatanadventure.com.mx and we will be happy to help you reserve your participation. Registration to the Mayan 2009 Equinox ceremonies and experiences offered at Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa, please view their webpages http://www.haciendachichen.com/ and http://www.yaxkinspa.com/ also our own website http://www.yucatanadventure.com.mx/
    Friday 13th of February 2009 11:59:00 AM
  • First Mayan Food Festival at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
    This past 12th of December, 2008, Executive Chef Josue Cime and his cooking team offered a feast of Mayan Culinary delights to guests and visitors at the Hacienda Chichen´s First Annual Mayan Food Festival. For two days, the Chef offered free Mayan Cooking Classes and healthy organic snacks created with fresh ripe fruits and veggies from this unique Green Boutique Hotel?s own Organic Grown Crops.Visitors enjoy Papadzul Tamales with pumpkin seed and fresh tomatoes sauce; Chaya Empanadas, a vegetarian traditional recipe; Mango and Tangerine Colada; Classic Guacamole; Chicken Chili mole and other delicious delights. This First Mayan Food Festival was so successful that the Chef got encourage to Celebrate the 6th of January 2009 with guests, visitors, and tourists alike; he plans to share "Día de Reyes" a traditional Colonial Festivity popular all over Mexico where children get their presents and gifts from family friends, and everybody enjoys a special Hot Cocoa (chocolate) Drink and shares the traditional "Rosca con el Niño Jesus" (a brioche egg bread shaped as a crown with a small porcelain baby Jesus in it). All guests are invited to take a big slice of this bread; the person that gets the little figurine is expected to invite the group to a party for he or she is the future host of another Grin Fiesta in February!So, if you plan to be in Chichen Itza, on Jan.5th and 6th, take the time to join in this enchanting Mexican Fiesta which will be hosted from 4 PM to 6 PM at the Main Garden of the hotel. Personal donations are welcome to support the Maya Foundation In Laakeech own Día de Reyes fiesta for the Mayan Children Nutrition Clinic in Xcalacoop; please give and share freely, a dollar can do so much good to help us help their nutritional needs.
    Friday 19th of December 2008 06:10:00 PM
  • Mayan Special Vacation Packages
    Travelers looking for eco-cultural vacations to visit Yucatan, Mexico, should view our www.yucatanadventure.com.mx/offers.htm web-page where a selection of Vacation Packages are offered at discount prices.Come and experience the Maya Culture and its traditions as you help the Mayan communities near Chichen Itza. Take time to know the mystical traditions of the Maya people and help us help them have a better future! If you wish to volunteer or participate in the volunteer vacation program of the Maya Foundation In Laakeech, please contact us now via email: info@yucatanadventure.com.mx
    Friday 7th of November 2008 12:06:00 AM

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