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Comoro Islands Travel Notes -- The Comoros are off the coast of northern Mozambique, northwest of Madagascar. Find out more about Comoro Islands @ Travel Notes.

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Three of the Comoro Islands gained independence in 1975, while the islanders of Mayotte voted to remain a part of the French administration.

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Comoro Islands, Mayotte, Mwali, Ngazidja, Nzwani.

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Comoro Islands

The Comoros are off the coast of northern Mozambique, north-west of Madagascar.

Map of Comoro Islands

The Comoros consist of four main islands. Ngazidja, Nzwani, Mwali; and Mayotte, still administered by the French.

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The French called Ngazidja 'Grande Comore'.

Ngazidja is the largest of the islands in the Comoro archipelago and it is where the capital of Moroni is situated.

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The first president of the independent country, Ahmed Abdallah, was from Nzwani, and his shrine is in his hometown of Domoni.

Mwali (Moheli)

Mwali is the smallest of the Comoro Islands; known to the French as Moheli.

Maore (Mayotte)

Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean, is still an administrative territory of France, and is closest to Madagascar.

Mamoudzou, known as Momoju in the local Shimaore language, is the capital of the French overseas region and department of Mayotte.

Located on Grande-Terre (or Mahore), the main island of Mayotte.

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Comoro Islands Maps and Travel Guides

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Comoro Islands Travel Guides.

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